20 Pet Owners Who Will Make Your Day Brighter

2 years ago

Having a pet is not an easy job sometimes. Like small children, they also require a lot of attention and time. But notwithstanding the “costs,” the benefits will be always higher because our animals light up our days just by their presence no matter how we feel.

We at Bright Side are eager to share a collection of photos with you taken by pet owners that’ll definitely leave a smile on your face too.

1. “Always check your pots before planting!”

2. “Asked my cat if she’d seen our kitten...”

3. “I think my dog is having an existential crisis.”

4. “My service dog in training’s first shaming”

5. “My dog is 16, so I figured it’s time for some driving lessons.”

6. “My dog reminds me of someone.”

7. “One of these things is not a cat.”

8. “Where is your homework, dude?”

9. “I feel that this headband suits my dog better than my wife.”

10. “They came to discuss the possibility of getting tuna every Wednesday.”

11. “Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice...”

12. “I’ve got a very snobby cat.”

13. “My baby girl Roo is easily startled.”

14. “Bella’s cleaning techniques are something else.”

15. “Very distinguished”

16. “This is how my dog sleeps.”

17. “Error 404?”

18. “Kirara has decided he will no longer be eating kibble.”

19. “I guess we need to find an exorcist service.”

20. “Grayson is not so sure about this strange doggo.”

Do you have pets? Tell us about their funniest habits!


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