20 Pics That Prove There Is Still a Lot of Joy Around If You Just Look Closer

2 years ago

They say seeing is believing. But in the modern world, where people themselves love to create optical illusions, our eyes are the last thing we can really trust. Just remember that famous drawing that could be either a beautiful young woman or an ugly old hag. Nature provides its own set of mysterious wonders and dualities. And the closer you look at them, the more fascinating they become.

We at Bright Side have found some pics that prove the world is a much more interesting place to be when we take a break, embrace the moment, and dive into some details.

1. “This is what living with a pack of huskies really looks like.”

2. “My new nose ring”

3. “This tree looks like a bunny.”

4. “The stem valve on the car of the surgical ophthalmologist at my office building”

5. “My daughter praises the sunlight.”

6. “Leroy is living his best life.”

7. “This equestrian crossing near Wassenaar, Netherlands, has a button at horse rider’s height.”

8. “Rent-a-crane truck parks his car on his roof.”

9. “A man with lizard I saw at a Halloween store.”

10. “The way this billboard looks like a Zombie Movie”

11. “A very odd unicorn”

12. “I thought I captured the first species of seagulls with human legs, realizing later there was actually a person crossing behind.”

13. “Squeak squeak.”

14. “A very long-legged kid with a human puppet”

15. “I married a hybrid.”

16. “In place of license plates, this car has attached a small model of itself.”

17. “These toys are definitely not alive.”

18. “Kaunas, Lithuania on Valentine’s Day”

19. “This woman is taking her rabbit for a ride on the subway.”

20. “My friend’s shadow looks like a cartoon.”

Have you ever encountered some sweet little treasures like this in your life? Have you managed to snap some unusual shots yourself? Please share your discoveries and impressions with us all in the comments below.

Preview photo credit teiluj / reddit


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