15 People Shared Their Creative Ways to Save Money, and We All Can Learn From Them

2 years ago

Daily living expenses can grow like a rolling snowball, and being smart about your money definitely isn’t something you should be ashamed of. The heroes of this article believe it works the other way around. They aren’t hiding their frugal habits but, on the contrary, proudly share their hacks with the whole world, and many of them are worth giving a try.

Here at Bright Side, we were amazed by all the unusual ways these 15 people are managing to save money, and we definitely are considering applying some of them to our lives.

1. “Wedding for under $3K, dress for $15 — this was right for us.”

2. “I made shelves using recycled thrift store speakers.”

3. “I made a 2-piece outfit out of this men’s shirt I got for $2.50 at the thrift store.”

4. “Dry erase marker on the fridge saves me so much food.”

“It also makes it easier to just pick a weeknight meal instead of endlessly scrolling through recipes.”

5. “My favorite work shoes developed a hole on each side, so I sewed them up instead of having to buy a new pair.”

6. “Both of our children used this crib for the first 2.5 years of their lives. Trying to get another 5 years out of it!”

7. “I just made my bathroom counter look like this with an $11.99 roll of adhesive paper. Now I want to cover everything with it.”

8. “You can easily regrow your supermarket green onions! Just stick the roots in water or plant them.”

9. “Turned a thrifted blanket into these ridiculous sweats.”

10. “The drink tray I got from a cafe is a reused milk carton.”

11. “Earrings that lost their mates turned into a charm bracelet.”

12. “I turned an old microwave cart into a rolling Lego stand for my daughters for Christmas.”

13. “I found myself buying makeup removing wipes every few weeks...but no more.”

“With fabric remnants and an old hand towel, I’m saving money and the planet!”

14. “When the pump on this moisturizer reached ’empty,’ I cut open the bottle and put the rest in a container.”

“Should last another few weeks or even months.”

15. “I buy regular toothpaste in bulk. Every dentist visit, I ask to swap the adult freebies (that I wouldn’t use) with kids’ freebies for my daughter.”

“4 years and haven’t bought a brush for her yet!”

Would you go through the trouble of DIYing things to spend less? Do you know any smart ways to save money you’d like to share with other Bright Siders?

Preview photo credit fruitybuttons / Reddit


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