15 People Shared Their Secrets to Losing Weight, and They’re All Worth Giving a Shot

2 years ago

Losing weight is anything but easy. You have to say goodbye to your favorite cookies and spend hours at the gym, but the result is definitely worth it. The heroes of this article have their own hacks that helped them shed extra pounds, and most of them are so simple, we can easily try them ourselves.

Here at Bright Side, we applaud these strong-willed people who prove getting fit doesn’t have to be exhausting, and sometimes all it takes is breaking some bad habits and making new, healthy ones instead.

1. “Portion control and walking 1-3 miles a day. I started with swimming, then short 1 to 2-minute walks. Then I built strength from there.”

2. “I stopped eating out for every meal and started cooking at home. I try to get in movement of some sort every day.”

3. “I’m not wearing any shapewear. My ’trick’ is maternity underwear. Higher waist that expands with any bloat.”

4. “Counted everything I put in my mouth. Walked 15k+ steps every day. Made sure I slept 7 hours or more at night.”

5. “I carb cycle with 2 low-carb days.”

6. “Been hitting the gym pretty hard and I can see the shadow of a hip dip.”

7. “No specific diet, just limited my calorie intake and exercise 5-6 times a week.”

8. “I cut back on soda and fast food. I’m cooking more and drinking more water! And going to the gym 3 times a week.”

9. “During the first 2 months, I went to the gym and did whatever suited my fancy that day.”

“My plan was to create the habit of going to the gym.”

10. “Kickstarted with extreme diet changes, now maintenance through diet. Gym is next.”

11. “I stopped doing cardio at the gym and started walking instead of getting on the bus.”

12. “Slow, steady, and self-love wins the race.”

13. “Once I felt that I had my diet down after a few months, I added in working out.”

14. “Weight Watchers and daily 5-km walks”

15. “Calorie counting, protein in every meal, lots of water, lifting weights, and 20k steps a day.”

Have you ever tried to lose weight? What helped you the most?


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