15 People Who Could Definitely Charge Anything With Their Positivity, Even Your Phone

year ago

Some people are like rays of sunshine — there are always smiles around them. If the weather is terrible, these people will always cheer everyone up, if they got unlucky, they’ll always laugh it off and move on. These 15 photos were taken by people whose sense of humor is their superpower.

Bright Side wants to share this piece of positivity like it’s a hot slice of pizza.

1. “Someone sent me this Muppet pic to insult me and it just cracked me up instead.”

2. “My window cracked so I fixed it the only way I know how.”

3. “Undoubtedly the best photo I took at my sister’s wedding”

4. “My friend lost a bet where I could choose his haircut for the next month. This is the result.”

5. “Milan, the city of fashion”

6. “My teacher tried to lighten the mood about the hurricane.”

7. “My brother is away for the weekend and asked me to check on his cat, I sent him this.”

8. “Had surgery today, the surgeon wrote reminders on my legs for which one to operate on.”

9. “Husband tried to make a dolphin for my cocktail. It’s the cutest eel I’ve ever seen.”

10. “My daughter finally realized we don’t take her to Paris every weekend.”

11. “This is what you get for visiting your granny.”

12. “Some moms never think it’s too late for baby pics.”

13. “My sister-in-law asked me to do this to a picture of her kids.”

14. “My sister’s dogs started barking and then her cat did this.”

15. “So, I went fishing with my grandfather recently.”

What’s your most hilarious photo? How often do you take funny pics?

Preview photo credit drukqsx / Reddit


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