15+ People Who Could Warm Up the Whole World With Their Actions

2 years ago

Life can be difficult sometimes, and a small act of goodwill may brighten up someone’s day. Sometimes, it can even have the power to transform lives. Moreover, when we practice kindness, we inspire others to do the same, thus making the world a better place.

We at Bright Side have gathered 16 overly heartwarming pictures and the cumulative effect of these good deeds is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

1. “My kid was born with a disability. It’s his first week in a homemade wheelchair. Proud dad moment!”

2. “My sister got to meet her all-time favorite musician, James Taylor.”

“He invited her to come watch his band warm-up before his show, he also came down to say hello.”

3. “A prepaid meal board, where strangers can leave prepaid meals for other strangers.”

4. “I missed my connecting flight and was crying when these 2 complete strangers came up to me and helped me cheer up.”

“And... we played cards!”

5. “One of my customers always leaves this out and somehow the bottles are always cold. Now that’s dedication!!”

6. “This group of strangers helping me get into my locked car after I left the keys in it while it was still running”

7. “My parents adopted me from S. Korea and I had the pleasure of adopting this girl from S. Korea. Meet Natto!”

8. “Municipality providing warm sleeping bags for the homeless, who then tidy them up and put them back for others to use as well.”

9. “2 of our cats died of cancer recently. And we just adopted this cute boy as a friend for our lonely cat.”

10. “I got my mom’s illiterate English tattooed on my arm tonight. I love it so much. I love her so much.”

11. “I took care of my colleague’s snail while she was gone and it unexpectedly had babies. I threw a baby shower for her.”

12. “My co-worker’s wife spent 10 hours making this for me after my cat passed away.”

13. “I was 7, in bed, and realized I would die one day. I cried and my dad made this in response.”

14. “My grandma hand draws all her wrapping paper.”

15. “Smiles on my son’s & his donor’s faces tell me there’s so much to be grateful for.”

16. “I randomly met this 80-year-old woman online last summer. We played 300+ Word Games together and became good friends.”

“Today I flew to Florida to meet her in person.”

Do you often do good deeds for others? Do you like posting them on social media? We’d love for you to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Iamasp*****tinman/Reddit


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