15 People Who Look Back on Their Younger Years With Hysterical Humor

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Our childhood and teenage years are full of stuff we’re embarrassed to remember. However, some people have no shame and share their blunders online. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to have a good laugh and the chance to make peace with the past.

Bright Side picked a few hilarious moments from people’s early years and displayed them here.

1. “I learned my lesson about taking a razor to my eyebrows.”

2. “On the left is the poster for a new movie about a boy named Buster. On the right is me at age 13. I’m a girl.”

3. “This is the better quality shot of my rock band in 2007. Surprisingly, we were not very successful.”

4. “My mom actually thought this was a good haircut.”

5. “In case you’re wondering, yes, I was home-schooled.”

6. “My girlfriend’s childhood family picture — she was really excited about being a rat in The Nutcracker.”

7. “In 2003, thought I was a fairy.”

8. “My senior picture with my llama, 2006 — I have no explanation.”

9. “My poor parents being nice to me back in 1987 during my Billy Idol skateboarding phase”

10. “Somehow removed the period of time that I would draw glasses and a smiley face on my face from my memory.”

11. “When your parents are world-famous mimes but you’ve got to rebel”

12. “I’m sorry guys, I was like 9 and loved rap. I truly apologize.”

13. “Still waiting for my glow-up...”

14. “Good ol’ Facebook reminding me of how cringey I was in high school. Hot pink fishnets stuffed with grass!”

15. “Did someone say dance class? 15 years ago, I participated in an Ice Age-themed competition.”

What’s your most hilarious yet embarrassing story? What were you like as a teenager? Treat us like a best friend and share your greatest tales and pics in the comments!

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