15 People Who Prove Every Body Is Unique

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The human body is probably one of the most complex organisms on Earth. For example, our tongue has approximately 8,000 taste buds, each containing up to 100 cells to help you taste your food. Apart from its complexity, each body can be called unique because of the different DNA it is made up of. To illustrate this, we have collected pictures of people with special physical features.

1. “My vasculature (left) compared to my man’s (right)”

2. “My daughter has a heart-shaped fleck in her eye.”

3. “I have one ice-cold finger.”

4. “My birthmark on my leg”

5. “The hairs on my body grow in threes.”

6. “Trying on heels for the first time with my leg prosthesis”

7. “I was born with 9.5 toes.”

8. “The ring mirror in my hotel bathroom reflects differently off my glasses since each eye has its own prescription.”

9. “The way the toenails look on my leg prosthesis”

10. “The way that the vitiligo on my hand looks like a map of Italy”

11. “This person has no nails on the first 3 fingers.”

12. “My fingers started to grow hair after a skin graft I got 16 years ago.”

13. “My hand”

14. “Cat-shaped birth marks? Mine’s on my leg.”

15. “So I just found out my girlfriend can do this with her fingers.”

Do you or your family/friends also have unique physical features? Share your pics with us!


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