15+ People Who Prove Good Timing Makes the Perfect Shot

year ago

It may look weird or beautiful, but fate perfectly times every shot. It occasionally perplexes us how this happens or if the picture was edited, but in the end, it’s all-natural and meant to be. And for proof, we have over 15 images that might raise more questions that give you answers.

1. She was slowly slurping her hair.

2. 2 conjoined dogs

3. It gets weirder and weirder the more we stare at it.

4. This guy couldn’t care less.

5. “A northern harrier flying low over a field, dropping its special delivery.”

6. Funny leg

7. “My brother appears to be morphing straight through me.”

8. “Intersecting floofers”

9. Frogs that look like algae, a perfect camouflage

10. “My very long dog”

11. “This hiker is in the mountains.”

12. A cat that has a pixelated face and a real body

13. “My sister was pouring milk on her pickles.”

14. “I don’t know if I’m going up or down.”

15. 2 dogs in one body

16. “Managed perfect timing while soap bubbles flew between the camera and the kiddo.”

17. “My cat only has a head and 2 legs.”

18. It turned out unintentionally.

19. She was about to do karate.

20. “Weird position to be sitting in...”

21. A perfectly timed shot of a floating rock

22. “This baby with a weird third arm”

Have you encountered any rare shots? Which photo do you think was edited? Share with us in the comments.


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