15+ People Who Prove You Need a Lot of Patience to Be a Parent

Children’s spontaneity can make anyone’s life extraordinary. Kids seem to always play by their own rules and don’t care much about the consequences. And surely we all did the same thing at that age. And that makes things all the funnier today as we watch our little ones do their best to explore this tricky world.

1. “I lost $350 three months ago. I found it in my 4-year-old’s room.”

2. “Never giving her a bath in the kitchen again.”

3. “The contents of my 8-year-old daughter’s pencil box”

“Is that a chunk of asphalt?” © fishingfool64 / Reddit
“Yes.” © Hornet_Critical / Reddit

4. “This house was recently newly painted.”

5. “My 3-year-old nephew found the best hide-and-seek spot!”

6. “My younger cousin insists on painting my fingertips instead of my nails.”

7. “A kid pooed in the pool in Vegas and now the pool is shut down. Thanks, kid.”

8. “My kid’s favorite ’present’ is a raw egg my brother-in-law handed him. He has zero interest in actual presents.”

9. “Maybe not the best strategy...”

10. “Lukas strikes again. Why?”

11. “I could hear him snoring but I couldn’t find him...”

12. “My 2-year-old using her binoculars to look at ants”

13. “My toddler bites the iPad screen because he likes to watch my world burn.”

14. “Not sure if Brie is my favorite nephew anymore.”

15. “Guess who found the diaper rash cream?”

16. “Now that’s snow shoveling with efficiency!”

What was the silliest thing you ever did as a toddler? Do you remember that moment, or was it told to you a bit later?

Preview photo credit ganymede_boy / Reddit


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