15+ People Who Saved Someone Else’s Family Photo From Being Lost Forever

year ago

Children who grow up surrounded by family photographs tend to have better confidence and a greater sense of belonging, claims research. Unfortunately, printed photos are fragile. They deteriorate with time, even when framed, and can also very easily be damaged by us.

But there’s a group of people online who dedicate moments of their days to breathing new life into strangers’ beloved photographs that are way past their prime. And the memories they save are priceless.

“A photo of my deceased aunt that my grandfather would like to see restored — it would mean a lot to him.”

“My husband just passed. We were together almost 28 years, and this is one of our favorite photos.”

“A photo of my grandmother and me”

“I’d love help restoring this beautiful picture of my grandmother so we can use it for her funeral service.”

“The only picture I have of my mother and me”

“My great-grandmother as a child in 1937”

“A friend showed me this picture of him, his mom who passed away 12 years ago, and his siblings, so I decided to restore it as a surprise.”

“One of the only pictures my dad has of his late father”

“A family restoration I did”

“My parents at prom in 1973, married since 1976”

“This is the only photo my dad has of my grandma.”

“My husband’s mother passed away when he was young. This photo is hung up in our living room and it’s the only picture he has of her.”

“This is my fave pic of me and my siblings.”

“One of the only pictures my grandma has of herself when she was younger”

“The first pic my husband and I took together, and my cat found it.”

“Someone saved my mom’s kindergarten picture. My daughter looks a lot like her and got a kick out of it.”


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