15+ People Who Were Having a Wonderful Day Until They Decided to Change Their Look

2 years ago

A nice hairstyle and perfect makeup definitely add 100 points to one’s attractiveness. But if you entrust your appearance to someone whose hands can hardly be called crafty, you might end up getting a totally opposite effect. Moreover, sometimes even professional hairdressers and makeup artists can surprise you with unevenly cut hair or eyeshadow that looks more like charcoal smears.

We at Bright Side sincerely empathize with the characters of today’s compilation who ended up getting services from the masters of nothing. Fortunately, makeup can be easily removed, hair will quickly grow back, and the unlucky transformation will be recalled with laughter.

“The result of asking my dad to go over my outgrown undercut again. Said he didn’t want to ’accidentally shave too far.’”

“Coincidentally sneezing when it’s time for mascara. Never fails.”

“Asked for 3” off, she cut off 5″. Come home to find out it isn’t even straight or even."

“Didn’t realize one of my glove fingers broke until I was done dyeing my hair.”

“I’m a hairstylist and my coworker cut my hair today. I trust her and I didn’t look at the back until later. My boyfriend said I must have upset her to deserve this.”

“It was supposed to be a ‘goth’ look.”

“My roommate tried to touch up my other roommate’s hair.”

“Makeup artist dolled me up for a professional photo shoot for a hair salon.”

  • That eyeshadow looks like she smeared coal in your eyes. You could have done better with your own thumbs and a spoon for a mirror. © dillGherkin / Reddit

Here is what happens when you try to cut your hair yourself:

“I asked for a smokey eye.”

Party in the back...kid’s party in the front.

“When I say give me bangs...I don’t mean this.”

“I’m reluctant to call what my wife did to me a haircut. But here it is.”

“Today I decided to dye my hair black with a semi-permanent dye I bought. Black dye is presumably made up of very dark blue and purple shades. Anyways, everything was going fine until I went to take a shower and rinse it out. The dye ran all over my entire body, and unlike previous dyes I’ve used, it dyed my skin. I spent 30 minutes in the shower trying to get it off, but I couldn’t, so I am now purple until it comes out or until I figure something out. And I have to go to work tomorrow.”

“I went for that shade and got this.”

“Asked for a high skin fade.”

“My friend paid money for this.”

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Perhaps one of your days has also been spoiled thanks to someone’s “skillful” hands? Please share your stories with us in the comments!

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Please note: This article was updated in August 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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ok, I can understand that people can mess up if they try to give themselves a haircut, but to receive something like this at a professional salon....


so, i have been cutting my own hair for over 5 years now coz the last time i went to a professional, she messed it up so bad that i had to go home and snip snap my hair to make it look decent, at least! since then, i decided that the only one to touch my hair for cutting is going to be me!


when you dye your hair you should rinse your hair separately from your body.. don't take a shower to rinse the day, you just wash your hair first until water runs clean from your hair then you can complete your shower.


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