15+ People Who Witnessed Something That’s Hard to Explain

year ago

Sometimes we unexpectedly witness something that leaves us scratching our heads, wondering how it could be explained. People have had experiences that defy rational explanations, leaving them with a sense of awe, confusion, and even fear. We have compiled intriguing photos taken by people who have witnessed something that’ll puzzle us in the blink of an eye.

1. “My girlfriend became inexplicably transparent in parts of this photo.”

2. The car didn’t load properly.

3. “Same dude plays for both teams (and watches the game).”

4. “One bench in our city park looks like it’s made of red-hot metal.”

5. “Shadows: very low”

6. “Daisy chain daisy flower”

7. “My dog is phasing.”

8. “Freezer shenanigans”

9. “An orange with one unique slice”

10. “I’ve never seen one for 13 MPH, not sure why they did that though.”

11. “Ladybug with a see-through shell and pattern”

12. “Her name is Kitsune and I think her head fell off.”

13. “Dog dug this up from under some leaves and went crazy for it on our walk. No idea what it is.”

“Looks just like a toy my kids got at a bug zoo. Perhaps it’s the same toy? Maybe poke it with a stick and see if it feels like it’s made from silicone. I think it’s called a stretchipede.” © InevitableLetter5967

14. “A weird pineapple”

15. “It’s 11 PM. This doesn’t look like moonlight.”

16. “Look at my little sister’s arm...leg?”

17. “Grady has mastered the snug-tuck CatLoaf position!”

Preview photo credit Blankman292 / Reddit


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