16 People Who Seem to Have a Lot of Curious Things to Share

10 months ago

Our world is full of strange and unusual things that often leave us in awe and wonder. From mysterious natural phenomena to bizarre man-made creations, there is no shortage of fascinating and sometimes perplexing wonders to discover.

1. “My extra finger”

2. “My fingertip looks like it broke off and was replaced by a lighter-toned one.”

3. “I can fold my ear.”

4. “The way the ice formed around the grass”

5. “My grandmother put plastic wrap on her remote controller.”

6. “I’ve been unintentionally dressing up as my deodorant can.”

7. “I somehow managed to make a reverse fried egg.”

8." My thumbs are different shapes/sizes."

9. “My wife puts honey on her Domino’s pepperoni and pineapple pizza.”

10. “Just a cloud pointing at the moon”

11. “This rainbow appeared and intersected with the mural rainbow just as I was walking by.”

12. “This company has emergency services for 23.5 hours.”

13. “This supermarket has a tag you can add for carts with wonky wheels.”

14. “Noticed a few bites in that this bun has the ’best by’ date stamped onto it.”

15. “This sign makes ’janitor’ look like it’s its own gender.”

16. “I have 6 toes on both of my feet.”


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