15 People Whose Baking Masterpieces Can Astonish You to the Core

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The characters of our articles are true dough, cream, and fondant charmers. The cakes and cupcakes are not only food but real pieces of art that one would feel sorry to eat. Some of them are professional bakers, while others are simply amateurs who like to please their families with their wonderful confections.

We at Bright Side couldn’t pass by the tasty masterpieces that these talented people manage to bake.

“It’s a fruit cake iced with marzipan and fondant for the base and then I used gel food coloring to paint with.”

“As always, I wish all of you a good day. Here are some photos of my cakes. Sweets and positive vibes to everyone!”

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers on the cake frosting

“Made cute salmon nigiri macarons! The filling is salted caramel! The ’soy’ sauce in the picture is also caramel!”

Autumn embroidery cake

“I’m a little biased, but my wife is the buttercream queen.”

“A T-Rex cake for a baby shower but they specifically requested NOT CUTESY.”

“My attempt at sushi inspired cupcakes”

“This is a chocolate cake made for a guy who LOVES Nutella.”

“All Swiss buttercream cake!”

Lemon sugar book cookies for a book fair

“My Thanksgiving cranberry curd and orange frangipane tart was a success! My previous attempt is on the right.”

“My masterpiece: peach cake for my mom”

“Red velvet ramen cake (no fondant) for my husband’s birthday! The side dishes, including the mini bowl, are also edible.”

“One of my favorite wedding cakes I’ve ever made”

Do you prefer to bake cakes yourself or do you like to buy ready-made ones?

Preview photo credit W_Hinklebottom / Reddit


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I am perfectly aware of the fact that I commented 'WOW.' for most of them.


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