15+ People Whose Day Turned From Sweet to Extra Sour in Record Time

year ago

It seems that the universe loves to show its sarcastic side and play some tricks on us every once in a while. But instead of feeling amused, chances are that we’ll get annoyed, frustrated, or straight-up angry when our bad luck suddenly appears. But we should keep in mind that even the most unfortunate situations are temporary, and it’s better to keep a smile on our face instead of allowing a bad event to ruin our entire day.

1. ’’I grew a beard to keep my face warm this winter...’’

2. ’’Foot on armrest’’

3. ’’I bought a deodorant with a spider in it.’’

4. ’’This was how my entire 4-hour flight went today.’’

5. ’’I guess I’m not having corn tonight.’’

6. ’’6 months into buying this bed...’’

7. ’’I let my friend borrow my honey. This is how it came back.’’

8. ’’I decided to cook for a change.’’

9. ’’The vegan option served at a fancy dinner’’

10. ’’Leaving for our honeymoon today. Dog chewed it up.’’

11. ’’The way my brother eats ice cream’’

12. ’’Can you bring scissors on a plane?’’

13. ’’$13.50 for the soda and the cheeseburger’’

14. ’’The amount of bread we throw away sometimes at a supermarket’’

15. ’’I drove about 1 hour to get my dinner, but this happened as soon as I got out of my car when I reached home.’’

16. “Battery died...”

Did any of these unlucky situations ever happen to you? Tell us about the strangest thing that happened to you lately.


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I'll bring my permanent marker in flight so if there's a chance a barefoot comes my way I'll do another of my creative art for free.


in response to #12 - I sooo wish we could bring scissors on a plane! obviously someone with absolutely no manners!


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