15+ People Whose Real Age Will Probably Confuse You

3 years ago

Many people like to say “age is just a number” and in the case of this article’s stars, no truer words have ever been spoken. While some of these people manage to fool you of their age because of their hair or clothing, others are just truly mature souls, and it shows through their eyes.

We at Bright Side have collected several photos of people that’ll make you desperate to see some birth certificates.

1. “My mom wanted me to do a glamour shot in the ’90s. I’m 7 in the photo.”

2. “Me at 14 looking 40...”

3. “My dad holding his son looking like a worn-out used car salesman...at 19”

4. “Right before a brutal transfer from homeschool to public school, circa 2007”

5. “Here I am at 6 years old, going on 40, looking like I’m ready to do your taxes.”

6. “My childhood was destined to be a rough one...”

7. “Me in 2007 — my aesthetic was ’cool aunt.’”

8. “I was a freshman college — I’m 43 now. It all comes around.”

9. “This is my sister and me taking a Christmas portrait in power suits our aunt got us.”

10. Dwight from The Office look-alike.

11. “Somehow I was 8 years old and a middle-aged librarian at the same time, circa 1995.”

12. “I assure you that I was in sixth grade here and not a middle-aged woman running for congress.”

13. “15-year-old political strategist or 50-year-old billionaire philanthropist?”

14. “Someone said I look 13 and 45 at the same time.”

15. “Cake says 13, face says 30.”

16. “For Halloween in 2019, I dressed up as myself on a normal day in 1993.”

17. “I was born in 1981 but turned 55 in 1992.”

Which of these photos messed with your head the most? Do you have some of your own snaps that can fool other people?

Preview photo credit ShredderZ122 / Reddit


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