15+ Pets That Found Their New Home, and Their Emotions Speak Better Than Words

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Perhaps someday we will live in a world where each animal will have a home and loving owners. But unfortunately, many pets are still in shelters or on the streets. Luckily, there are many kind people, and these photos prove this fact.

At Bright Side, we respect those who rescue animals and transform them with their love.

“Mr. Rogers. Blind, emaciated, FAMISHED, and so weak he couldn’t walk. His literal bones were jutting out through his skin.”

“So within 6 months, he went from a blind dog who looks like he should be dead to a happy, nearly chunky dog who could run around and couldn’t get enough of life. After 388 days in the rescue, the right people stepped up for Mr. Rogers. This guy was a special one for me and I’m so happy for him!” ©gkstacey / Reddit

“He was a ‘do not return’ to the shelter because he was aggressive. Challenge accepted. 13 years later and he’s still our handsome (old) baby boy.”

“I adopted a 70-pound-old English Meatball today! Welcome home, my dude.”

“We adopted this blind kitty (Cuga) and she seems to have found her favorite spot. She does this nearly every day.”

“I adopted this 11-year-old pup today. She spent most of her life outside and the past 118 days at the shelter. This was her reaction to her ‘gotcha day’ toy.”

“I adopted a brother and sister and they’re just adorable.”

“I adopted this baby from the shelter a few days ago, we’re already inseparable.”

“I adopted this little girl in July. We’ve been fighting through a host of health problems ever since. The vets seemed confused as to why I would shell out hundreds of dollars on a dog I ‘barely know.’ It’s like they never looked at her face.”

“10 minutes after adopting this little street boy”

“Luna’s velvet is really coming back in since we adopted her 6 weeks ago.”

3 months vs 13 months. We found him covered in fleas, weighing less than a pound, in Jamaica, Queens. Now he’s our big beautiful red man!”

“I just adopted this guy yesterday. He’s got a small jaw deformity, but I think he’s adorable.”

After years of wanting to adopt a greyhound, our Irish rescue girl is finally here.”

“This little guy walked up to me 2 months ago while I was in my front yard.”

“My new foster baby, his name is Loki!”

“I adopted Hairy Jack, he’s finally giving us dog smiles and tail wags. Feels like he’s realized we’re not going anywhere. Small wins.”

“A love that transforms.”

Share the photos of your pets and tell us how you got them.

Preview photo credit ThatDJgirl / Reddit


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The last photo the cat looks like that meme...I'm sry I had to, but the cat is still cute.

Comment with image on Bright Side

The kitty in the preview photo... This is very similar to the transformation of my little kitty!!! :))


With my newly adopted puppy, we celebrate the date of his adoption :)


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