26 Desperate Animals That Are Against Going to the Vet

5 years ago

Dogs show up at the vet more often than other pets. But that doesn’t mean they take it any easier! That’s because almost all animals are afraid of going to the doctor. This can be due to bad associations and the fear that they will be hurt. These fluffy animals become anxious and their strong emotions can’t leave us feeling indifferent.

Bright Side wants to share with you photos of animals that need to go to the vet against their will.

1. It’s no secret that animals are afraid of going to the vet.

2. They’re ready to shout, “NOOOOOOOO!”

3. And they’ll even try to melt your heart.

4. Fluffies refuse to get into the carrier, to say the least.

5. But they do their best to manage the stress together.

6. Some cuties realize your plan only when on the road.

7. They start to get nervous...

8. ...and beg you to turn the other way.

9. It’s hard for them to leave the car.

10. In the waiting room, babies try to hide...

11. ...in every possible way.

12. They can even shake with fear...

13. ...and pretend not to be there.

14. Cuties await the arrival of the doctor anxiously.

15. And after that, they offer you to play a game.

16. It’s called “find me if you can!”

17. They believe that if they don’t see you...

18. ...nobody can see them!

19. Only the brave ones are ready to face the doctor.

20. Pets need the support of friends...

21. ...and sometimes they’ll want to go to the vet with them.

22. They may take offense to you...

23. ...looking at you reproachfully.

24. Some may even take revenge!

25. But in the end, they appreciate your care and understand that you want them to be well.

26. They love you, no matter what.

Is your pet afraid of going to the vet? Did you recognize their behavior in these photos? Tell us in the comments.


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