15+ Pets Who Found Happiness After Being Adopted

2 years ago

According to surveys, thousands of domestic animals are protected by different NGOs all around the world, but it’s estimated that in the US alone, 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters every year. Although there is a large number of abandoned pets, there are also many people who come to these shelters in search of a furry friend to adopt. Who knows, maybe this article will inspire you to bring home a little four-legged creature that will fill your life with love.

At Bright Side, we know that most of our readers love pets and that they have at least one at home, be it a dog, cat, goldfish, or even a parrot. That’s why today we’re presenting you with some beautiful photos that show how love and care can change the lives of these little angels forever. Enjoy your read.

1. Meet Zola, the cutest adopted puppy you’ll see today!

2. Bindu grew up and is now king of the house.

3. This fella here has a first name and a last name: Zane Gray!

4. “Hero was 11 pounds and afraid of humans. Now she’s 25 pounds and trusts humans a lot more!”

5. Look at how happy this good boy is after being adopted!

6. Goku’s first day at home, and 3 years later, she’s beautiful and happy.

7. Lucky’s expression says it all!

8. This little fella was surrendered to the shelter 3 times before he was 10 months old.

9. Piper was adopted and trained to help her owner who has a medical condition. She went from homeless to a loving family and a full-time job!

10. Bella looks so pretty.

11. A big dog + a birthday hat = love

12. They really do look like siblings.

13. Looks like someone took over the sofa...

14. “The minute he met my other dog, he lit up like a Christmas tree.”

15. From a surly, withdrawn little creature to a beautiful, super-loving, spoiled cat

16. “It was love at first sight for me. I left the shelter saying, ’Her name is Kaia and she’s the one.’”

17. “Duke is a 3-year-old greyhound who was surrendered after the Australian greyhound racing ban.”

18. She only needed a bit of love and care.

Have you thought about adopting a pet from a shelter? Have you already adopted one? Let us know what you think about this in the comment section and post a pic of your pet to show everyone how happy they are!

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Preview photo credit Clouderr/Imgur


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Zola looks so cute! and healthy! quite a beautiful animal


All of these look so happy after getting adopted which makes me happy too :D I think I will adopt one too when I move out on my own


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