15 Photos That Can Easily Heal Anyone’s Bad Mood

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Sometimes the best photos are more than just funny moments. They are lifelike and real to us, but with the power to pick us up in an instant. We believe in the power of humor. So let’s dive into a gallery of pictures that are funny, dramatic, and emotional.

The Bright Side team wants to invite you to take a break from the daily grind and take a look at these photos that can cheer you up in seconds.

1. “The local restaurant monkey and my wife met.”

2. “Our newest son was born yesterday, the oldest was not amused.”

3. “My son giving a critique on the painting I did of him.”

4. “Had a crack at making my son a farm cake for his second birthday, thrilled with how it turned out.”

5. “My sister asked for an update picture of her 2 cats. This is what she got.”

6. “Saw this today”

7. “Made my 4-year-old some lunch, and she came running for me to see her art project.”

8. “$10k later at the carnival games and I can finally live my childhood dreams.”

9. “My niece’s first experience with a sparkler.”

10. “Spent 6 hours assembling this dresser from IKEA for my daughter. I may never be able to move again.”

11. Mother and daughter making the most out of a super-king bed.

12. “My husband was so excited about his custom card.”

13. “My daughter wanted to make aluminum foil masks.”

14. “Someone sent me this Muppet pic to insult me and it just cracked me up instead.”

15. “The joys of parenting”

Which of these images tickled your funny bone? Do you have any funny pictures to share with us? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit byondthewall / Reddit


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