15 Photos That Prove a Beard Changes a Man’s Look Better Than Plastic Surgery

2 years ago

There are 2 types of men in this world: those who believe that a beard is cool, and those who don’t agree with them. But we are sure about one thing — a beard can change your face beyond recognition. The heroes of today’s article were so surprised with their transformation that they decided to share the results with the entire internet.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t just pass by these amazing makeovers. We collected photos that show what a beard is capable of.

1. Men’s facial hair is like women’s makeup.

2. “I refuse to be ugly anymore.”

3. Clean shaven vs 6-month beard

4. “Only for the joy of growing it again.”

5. “Exactly 4 years apart.”

6. “The main thing about having the beard is just the confidence it gives me! It makes me feel 10 feet tall.”

7. “I grew myself a chin!”

8. “In 6 months, I have moved to a new city, grown out my hair, gone back to college, changed jobs twice, and last but not least, I have grown this beard.”

9. “I was growing it for a year.”

10. “I feel somewhere in between Zeus and a hobo.”

11. This man went from Harry Potter to Dumbledore real quick.

12. 2 weeks vs 2 months vs 6 months

13. “I began to grow it in February.”

14. “What do you think is the best facial hair length and style?”

15. “I changed my lifestyle and managed to grow a beard.”

Do you think a beard makes a man more handsome? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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Preview photo credit OWN1883 / Reddit


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Most of them look better, too bad my girlfriend doesn't like it if I try to grow one... not that I could grow one to be honest 😂


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