15+ Photos That Prove an Angle Can Change Everything

2 years ago

What might look like ordinary vines from one angle could end up looking like an elephant from another. Also, a simple shadow could give you some nice stockings, or you could get a killer shot from 3D burnt-out marks. It’s not easy to take a confusing photo since all you need is the perfect angle — and you could easily miss it by standing in the wrong position. But luckily, these people were in the right place at just the right time.

People on the internet shared their most confusing pics, and we at Bright Side couldn’t just stand around and not share them with all of you.

1. “These vines in my neighborhood look like an elephant.”

2. “My dog doesn’t have a body...”

3. “Mirror for sale: but does it come with the giant feet boots?”

4. “I thought this pedal was a push-up aid device.”

5. “The walking stick isn’t mine.”

6. An RV with a new kind of slide-out

7. “A giant squirrel was spotted across the road.”

8. “Hello there, human...”

9. “My cat’s head looks transparent.”

10. A 2-headed dragon

11. “A baby chick with a foot on its tail”

12. We have a new breed here...

13. “I went hiking and it looks like I have one leg.”

14. That’s one long violin bow.

15. “Not sure if I should look at the shadow, the stone, or the plate...”

16. “These burnout marks look 3D.”

17. We have a flying doggo here, or...

Which shot confused you the most? Have you ever taken a similar pic? If so, can you share it with all of us?


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