15 Photos That Prove Cats Are Liquid

2 years ago

Turns out the laws of physics simply do not apply to cats, and they can take whatever shape they wish, just like water. From appearing to flow down the drain to melting away in a container, cat owners are sharing the ways they caught their felines acting like liquid.

We at Bright Side are convinced that cats are indeed strange creatures after having looked at these pictures.

1. “My cat, looking like he flushed himself down the drain.”

2. “I found a weird, oversized furry snake with ears.”

3. “I may have just taken the most important cat photo.”

4. “Dripping through the hole in his tower”

5. “My cat, Mint, somehow fits in a baguette basket.”

6. Stretchy long boy!

7. “My cat curled up in my vacuum hose.”

8. “Spilled my morning cat on the rug...”

9. “Purrrfect fit”

10. “Melting through my girlfriend’s hands (also, long boy)”

11. “Dang, going to have to get a new couch after I spilled my cat over it.”

12. “This is Basil, and he’s 1 gallon.”

13. “My mom’s cat, Tom, just melted all over her.”

14. “My drink fits perfectly in the cup holders.”

15. “Maybe not quite liquid yet but definitely melting...”

Are your pets highly flexible too? Share their photos with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit cakes1todough1 / Imgur


when I see number 4 I just want to sleep to be honest, he looks so compfy
How I would love to be a cat for 1 day, just 1 though I don't think I can stand being one for long knowing that I am missing the human life and all the interesting things a human can do

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