15 Photos That Prove Cats Rule This World

3 years ago

Once a cat appears in our home, they turn it upside down. We no longer can resist those fluffy hooligans and let them hold the steering wheels of our lives. They occupy the best places, they insist on approving our actions, and they sometimes even feel jealous of us.

Looking at the photos in our compilation, we at Bright Side became assured once again that cats are the heads of our homes and lives in general and the main thing is that we actually like it... a lot. The bonus at the end will show you the very first step of how they conquer our hearts.

“The new cat taught the old cat to eat like this...”

“On a zoom call for work & Gus noticed someone else had a cat.”

“This is Millie after suddenly hearing children’s joyous laughter and general rambunctiousness in the basement. She does not approve.”

“My cat sits in her ‘boat’ in the hot tub every single day and refuses to get out, even after an hour!”

There is still pizza in there.

“Let me correct your hairdo.”

“The bean garden is coming along nicely.”

“After almost 50 years of being a cat owner, I guess I should be used to this...”

“I have to tape the cabinet shut to keep her out of the treats!”

“Simmer down there, Norman Bates.”

“Mom, he’s in my bed!”

“They pulled down half my clothes to make a comfy bed for themselves.”

“He knows what he’s doing.”

“Don’t just stand there, get your kitty a fresh roll!”

“Hazy won’t let me read without her constantly rubbing her goofy face all over the book.”

Bonus: “My little Shoto and his butterfly pose.”

Are you the happy owner of a cat? What funny and bossy things does your kitty do in your home?

Preview photo credit vanpatski / reddit


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