15 Photos That Prove Choosing Your Parents’ Vintage Outfits Is Always a Good Idea

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As we all know, fashion is cyclical, but there are some trends that never go out of style. And contrary to our preconceptions, our vintage outfits can be used again and look quite stylish. In fact, these teens turned their parents’ old clothes into fashion sensations and blew up the Internet.

We at Bright Side found some pictures that prove you can shine in your parents’ outfits and give a second life to old clothes.

1. “My mom’s prom dress... 25 years later!!!”

2. “This was my mom’s prom dress! Pretty in pink!”

3. “Revamped my mom’s old prom dress and wore it to my senior prom.”

4. “I wore my mom’s dress for my civil ceremony. Still can’t get over how cute it is!”

5. “My mother’s prom dress from 1983”

6. “Tried on my mom’s wedding dress from 1992. Those sleeves were really itchy.”

7. “My daughter wearing my wife’s prom dress”

8. “My mom in her high school prom dress in 1983, and me in her high school prom dress in 2017.”

9. “My 15-year-old daughter wearing my prom dress 32 years later!”

10. An elegant pink dress

11. “My mom took her wedding dress out of the attic after 27 years and then my little sister tried it on.”

12. “I’m not one to hold onto things but this was a darn good purchase! 21 years later...”

13. “Just for fun, I tried on my mom’s wedding dress from 1985 and it was so silly.”

14. “My mom’s dress was too short in front for me to wear as is, so we refashioned it into a ’leaving the wedding’ dress.”

15. “I wore my mom’s dress without altering it and love seeing side-by-sides of our weddings.”

Do you wear clothes from your parents? Would you like to join this trend and wear a vintage outfit for an important event? Feel free to comment down below!

Preview photo credit foofarley / Reddit


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