15 Photos That Prove Kids Are a Constant Source of Fun

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Consciously or not, our little ones always do their best to make our day. There is this common belief that comedians are the funniest individuals on Earth, but no comedian has ever made us laugh as much as some of these hilarious kids. Their parents are the luckiest people on the planet.

1. “My middle-aged baby”

© Theskinilivein / Reddit, AUG/face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER

2. “My daughter and my puppy fight over who’s going to warm their butt on the vent in the morning.”

3. “This seat will do nicely for my diaper butt.”

4. “He did not like the cheese on his noodles and is now eating them by hand.”

5. “Day 1 of summer vacation: This is my kid ’folding her clothes’ for the last hour.”

6. “My kid is going places.”

7. “My kid sleeps like he fell down in Family Guy.”

8. “My kid didn’t realize being Spider-Man would be THAT much responsibility.”

9. “My daughter, realizing her fourth birthday is tomorrow and not today.”

10. “Got tired of the hard work of making a tringle-sized snowman.”

11. “My son playing hide and seek at my parents’ house”

12. “Just helping mom clean up the milk I intentionally spilled.”

13. “My kid trying to blow dry her hair and refusing help”

14. “My kid and dogs might be about to drop the hottest rap album of the year.”

15. “My kids went all-out for Senior Citizens Day at school.”

How many kids do you have? When was the last time they really made your day?

Preview photo credit Theskinilivein / Reddit, AUG/face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER


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