15+ Photos That Prove Our Grandparents Can Rock the World

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4 years ago

Grandparents never stop amazing us with their wisdom and philosophical approach to life. For example, do you know how to remove a grandson’s girlfriend from a family photo without Photoshop? Or what to do if your lovely cat didn’t get into the frame of a photo? We offer you the chance to look at this compilation of photos about the wittiness and kindness of the elder generation and be thankful once again that we have them in our lives. At the end of the article, you’ll see a visual piece of evidence showing how these people are important in the lives of every person.

Bright Side found the most touching and funny photos that will boost your mood and warm your soul for sure.

“My mother in law ‘photoshopped’ one of her cats into a picture with her other cat.”

“One piece of advice for me, please.”

“How my grandma closes the bag of chips”

“My grandma likes this picture of my brother and me on her fridge, but isn’t particularly fond of my ex.”

“My father-in-law has one stray cat he feeds. The cat brought home a wife and family.”

“Every morning Grandma has a visitor.”

“My father-in-law just moved to a new house and his record collection required its own move, with 2 trucks.”

“My grandma is 84 and never had a tablet, but wanted it for art. I bought one for her and left her alone with her new toy for 30 minutes.”

“My grandma bought this defective pig because she felt sorry for it.”

“My grandpa got YouTube on his TV but couldn’t figure out how to make it full screen — so he just puts blankets over the parts he doesn’t want to look at.”

When he was young, my grandpa presented this jar of missing buttons to my grandma. He gave it to her when he proposed and said: “See how badly I need a wife?”

“My grandparents became hardcore Pokémon Go players. Both level 37 and going strong.”

“My grandma sent me a seagrape leaf from Florida as a post card.”

“My father-in-law has 12 different mango types grafted onto one tree.”

“My daughter loves the movie Inside Out, so naturally my mother in law got to work.”

“My grandma knows how to cut onions without shedding a single tear.”

“My mother-in-law surprised my father-in-law on his route today with my son...it’s hard to tell who is happier.”

“My grandma turned 90 today. Every morning she goes to the McDonalds for coffee and they had a party for her today.”

“My granny can do a split.”

60 years ago the couple on the top said “I Do.” Their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids are standing on the lower floors.

What amazing things can your grandparents do? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit Lubodron / pikabu.ru


This closing potato chip bag hack is actually a good one. I will use it too from now on! ?
Grandma and YouTube, oh my! :D
Our grandparents are the best inventors when it comes to technology!
My granny is a make up addict, and still can make herself the coolest and the most perfect wings with the eye liner!
I'm a bit jealous ?

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