15 Photos That Seem Ordinary Only in the First 3 Seconds

2 years ago

A blink lasts for about 100 to 150 milliseconds. Although it’s not a lot, we can still accidentally blink away the most unusual stuff. Nevertheless, some people manage to spot the unusual, even if they blink obsessively. Those are the ones who get to see something most of us simply don’t notice.

Bright Side found 15 photos that were taken by patient people with sharp eyes.

1. “Our dog’s paw looks like a mini-version of him.”

2. “A family heirloom watch that was passed down to me — traces of the family photo carried on the back are still visible.”

3. “The way my chai latte froze in the car”

4. “The dental light looks like a water buffalo.”

5. “My left eye has a single, fragile, gray eyelash that grows as long as I let it.”

6. “These antique cookie cutters that feature an axe and what appears to be a burning cottage”

7. “My aunt and uncle’s dog has a self-portrait on the back of her head.”

8. “My aunt’s Christmas tree, but it’s upside down.”

9. “This pencil seems to be made of old papers, and you can even see text and images on the shreds.”

10. “Half this tree looks like it’s giving the other half a hug.”

11. “The car has a ’car’ license plate, and the van has a ’van’ license plate.”

12. “A very long-legged kid with a human puppet”

13. “It was the cat who planned it.”

14. “The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map.”

15. This tree looks like straight up broccoli.

What thing seemed ordinary at first but then you found its peculiarity? How often do you experience such encounters?

Preview photo credit deityfreeme / Reddit


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