15+ Photos That Show Some Things Never Change

3 years ago

On average, we’ll change our job 12 times during our lifetime. That’s also the number of times some people decide to leave their home and move to a new city. But there are some things that stay the same. Like your doggo that likes to sleep on your lap even though he’s not a puppy anymore. Or a childhood tradition of baking cookies for Christmas that has stayed with you in your adult life.

We at Bright Side are glad that some things don’t change no matter what. And here are photos that prove this can be a really good thing!

1. The smile is still the same.

2. “My fiancée and I just discovered that our moms wore the same wedding dress.”

3. “We threw out her old dog bed, but she still lies in the same spot in the sun every morning... no matter what.”

4. “32 years later, same best friend!”

5. “Been together for 3 years now. Some things don’t change.”

6. “My daughter and I, 34 years apart. I can’t believe they still use the same blankets at the hospital.”

7. “When I was 7 kids called me ‘the crazy chicken lady.’ Things haven’t changed much since then.”

8. Your best dance moves stay with you for life.

9. “Granddad painted me looking for critters. I took this photo of my daughter doing the same thing.”

10. “Even after 10 years, some things never change.”

11. Once a ghostbuster, always a ghostbuster!

12. “I call it the squish.”

13. “My deceased father and I at the same age, 24 years apart.”

14. Obviously the box shrank. The cat is the same size.

15. “My dad had another kid when I was 17, looks like he’s still using the same tricks! (left: 1989, me; right: 2007, my little brother)”

16. “My friend has had the same Christmas Eve tradition for 23 years.”

What are some things that you’re glad haven’t changed in your life, or maybe even throughout generations?

Preview photo credit ferrero.com, joshbateson / Instagram


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