16 Teachers Who Know No Limits to Creativity

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Being a teacher is a tough but exciting job. They may see a student pull a pillow out of a backpack and go to sleep during exam week, and even their dog can make work more complicated by eating a student’s homework.

We at Bright Side respect teachers’ work and are sharing pics that show what things they can face while on the job. At the end of the article, you can read a story about real passion for learning.

1. ’’My Math teacher takes Pi Day very seriously.’’

2. “My sister is a kindergarten teacher and got this back from a student.”

3. “No joke, I walked into my classroom one day and saw my teacher doing this.”

4. “My wife is a teacher and our dog ate her student’s homework, to their surprise.”

5. “My sweet student asked the bakery to write ’Teacher # 1.’”

6. “My nephew got a 100 on his ’spilling’ test.”

7. “I mean, the kid isn’t wrong.”

8. “Someone kidnapped my tourism teacher’s cactus.”

9. “My teacher friend thought a student was checking the time too often during a test.”

10. “University students are hard at work during lecture.”

11. “My students keep asking me for 50 cents for the vending machine. This is what the next one is going to get.”

12. “My friend came to school dressed as Spooderman.”

13. “My teacher kept getting his bathroom pass stolen, so he made his own.”

14. “I’m a high school teacher. My student pulled a pillow out of his backpack and went to sleep during exam week. I was honestly impressed.”

15. You never know what to expect from students.

16. “My best friend was a student teacher for first-graders, and they all wrote her goodbye cards except for Trevor.”

Bonus: A story about real passion

A guy in my class told us he wanted to study philosophy ’cause he once saw two people working, and he wondered what they’re doing. He realized his passion was wondering. 2 months later, he dropped out. © linaplancartem / Reddit

Who was your favorite teacher at school? Did you love school, and why?

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Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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