15+ Photos That Will Make You Doubt Your Eyes

8 months ago

They say everyone makes mistakes because it’s part of being human, and they’re right on the mark. We’ve all had our fair share of slip-ups. These blunders actually teach us a lot about ourselves, other people, and life as a whole. Sometimes, due to odd angles or lighting, we might mix up particular objects and confuse them for something else. But if we can find the funny side of these situations, our lives will be brimming with happiness.

“Concave footprints look like footprint mounds”

“This guy floating”

“Didn’t know this happened to my leg!”

“The goblin under the staircase”

“Double-ended giraffe”

Paint that looks like the universe

“I put another type of shower gel on top of the old one, and after a few pumps they start ’raining’ down. Looks like melted wax.”

“If you tell this guy his dog’s teeth are scary, he might take a fence!”

“The composition of this photo makes my dad’s tiny red snapper look gigantic.”

“A full-sized baby human”

This window view, in Florence, Italy, looks like a painting.

“This stool standing on 2 legs”

It’s a little creepy, to be honest.

“I have a really tiny basketball.”

“I literally just asked my coworker’s jacket if it was feeling all right.”

“A rainbow cloud that looks like a paint brush”

Optical illusions are the most fun when they are not staged and get captured by chance. If you want to see more fun coincidences like this, make sure to check our previous article!

Preview photo credit JustBrowsingActually/Reddit


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The rainbow cloud is spectacular. I've never seen that in my over 40 years. Truly lovely.


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