15+ Pics of Senior Pets That Prove Love Only Grows Stronger Over Time

2 years ago

Watching little playful kittens and puppies turn into senior, hasteless cats and dogs is something that can touch anyone’s heart. Just like humans, animals tend to get more mature and wise as they grow older. But no matter how old they are, we love them with our whole hearts.

We at Bright Side are in love with every single photo in this compilation. Just look into the eyes of these senior animals and you’ll see the whole universe in them.

“My old girl is still up and running at 15 years old. I give her the biggest hugs and tell her she’s loved every single day because I’ll never know when she decides it’s time.”

“2 days ago, my wife’s lifelong best friend Whiskey turned 21. Today, he blessed me with this moment.”

“He’s given me 19 years of love.”

“My angel turned 29 this week! I baked him a cake!”

“This guy has been by my side for 20 years today. He helped me through some rough times.”

“My 15-year-old senior lab has taken on teaching our new 8-week-old pup the art of life. Their relationship is the cutest!”

“My 15-year-old Chihuahua has very sensitive eyes due to iris atrophy. Here she is in her ’doggles.’”

“Kria, my parents’ 13-year-old lady, has her own chair in the kitchen. A throne for a queen!”

“My old man is going to be 16 this year. He’s still a kitten at heart, but today calls for his favorite bed snuggles by the fire.”

A 17-year-old beauty

“Wooly is 14 years old and while his tippy taps have slowed down, they still deserve a round of applause.”

“Today’s the day! Brownie turns 20 years old! Here’s to 20 more!”

“My 15-year-old cat, Elwood, mostly hides behind the bed. Today, while I was working, he was brave enough to come out for pets.”

“Max (13) loves to watch people from our deck.”

“Dot (15) has definitely reached old dog status. She doesn’t have much energy to play anymore but is great to chill and be lazy with.”

“Happy our 14-year-old lady was the first to get a haircut in the house. She feels very pretty.”

“Molly the dog (12) and Stitch the cat (17) hanging out on my parents’ porch over the weekend”

“Carter (14) has been my best friend for over 5,000 days and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.”

Are you a happy owner of a senior pet too? Please share their photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Rubensloth / reddit


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