15 Pics That Can Make Anyone Catch Baby Fever

The urgent, emotional, and nearly overwhelming desire for both men and women to become parents is referred to as “baby fever.” The term has become increasingly popular in recent years, whether you want to have a family or tell other people you want to be a parent. After all, nothing beats the sensation of having a little baby who brightens your days and brings you unrivaled joy.

1. “Guys, it’s going great.”

2. “My 10-week-old is starting to smile whenever she sees me.”

3. “Milk drunk and happy at 4 weeks”

4. “45 years old and a new member of the ’2 under 2 club’”

5. “After our first 2 kids, we tried for a third. After 3 years and 4 losses, we finally got our rainbow.”

6. I’m stuck and can’t move."

7. “Our Thanksgiving baby! Had to refreeze the turkey and put everything on hold and head to the hospital for an early delivery at 33 weeks.”

8. “After her first bath”

9. “I’m wishing my daughter would stay this size forever. 9 months have flown by.”

10. “How could you say no to that face?”

11. “After 15 days, we are going home.”

12. “Our little girl had her newborn photos taken today. Caught this little burrito chilling between sets.”

13. “I don’t care how big of a man you are, when your newborn baby girl makes those cute baby noises, you melt.”

14. “Our rainbow baby, Milo.”

15. “My little pumpkin, born Oct 31”

When did you first notice signs of having “baby fever?” Do you believe that we all catch it at some point in our lives, or do we choose to?


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