15+ Pics That Have the Special Power to Move You Through Time

2 years ago

Traveling in time is actually a possible thing now, scientists claim. But if we decided to do it, it would rather be a one-way ticket. Turns out, if we wanted to change something in our past or correct our previous mistakes with the help of time-traveling, it would cause us to destroy our future. Today, we suggest you flip through epochs in a safe way, by looking at the special photos.

Here at Bright Side, we suggest you look at life from a different angle. We’ve collected 17 photos that will make you feel like you are stretching your hand forward and touching time as if it were a tangible thing.

1. “Father’s Day time-hop”

2. “We’re the Wikipedia ’high-five’ couple. Now we’re married and teaching it to our kids.”

3. “18 years later, we’re still feelin’ the love.”

4. “Then (1985) and now — 2 dumb kids, just as in love today as we were back then.”

5. “Got Grandpa a belly dancer for his sixtieth birthday. Brought the same girl back for his ninetieth and she brought her daughter.”

6. “We tried to recreate our picture. I think we failed.”

7. “So my dad and I went to Disneyland to recreate a favorite family photo.”

8. “Same campus, 20 years apart — college junior, now a mom of 2.”

9. “Me at around 3, and me at 18 playing my favorite sport”

10. “My granddad and his wheels, ~1950 and 2020”

11. “I run a 1,000-mile snowmachine race in Alaska called Iron Dog. My daughter has been my biggest supporter, 2014 and 2022.”

12. “I go home to visit Grandma and am literally wearing the same outfit in her photo of me.”

13. “My wife and daughter, same age, same outfit, 30 years apart”

14. “15 years apart!”

15. “My sisters and me, 47 years ago and now”

16. “My parents in high school (1970) and now — they’ve been together since eighth grade and married for 47 years.”

17. “Best friend and me (’90s and now)”

What is a photo that you’ve recreated in your family that seems to be a real masterpiece to you? We’d love to travel in time together with you in the comments.

Preview photo credit unbreakableshrew / Imgur


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