15+ Pets Who Won’t Let You Get Bored Even for a Minute

10 months ago

Not many things in life can make us as happy as our pets can. Those furry friends are a continuous source of entertainment and pleasure. And today, we put together a batch of adorable critters that will instantly lift your spirits and set your day off on the right path.

1. “I think he just realized that the baby is staying for good.”

2. “I was in need of toilet paper. My wife told me to call our dog.”

3. “Molly gets tired quickly, so sometimes she gets a lift back to the car.”

4. “I just adopted this cat who sits up like a groundhog.”

5. “She likes to eat breakfast with me. She’s my best buddy.”

6. “I guess the temperature there is more comfortable.”

7. “Waiting for Mom to come back to the car like a normal short person...”

8. “My Moxie girl modeling the scarf I made”

9. “This is how Inky sits after destroying the blinds.”

10. “Sorting laundry”

11. “I heard noises in the cabinets but couldn’t find anything. Finally looked in the silverware drawer.”

12. “So...cat TV is a thing.”

13. “Fish are friends, not food.”

14. “Lucy, waiting for the fire to start in her favorite box”

15. “Yawning competition”

16. Snake-scarf

17. “I was minding my own business when I suddenly became a bird’s nest.”

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Ive a new kitty Karma and she did #12 today while my 2yr old daughter watched a YouTube mouse obstacle course.


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