15+ Pics That Prove There Are So Many Things We Haven’t Seen Yet

7 months ago

With unlimited access to a wealth of information at our fingertips, we tend to think we’ve seen a lot. However, there are still many things that remain hidden from our eyes, waiting to be discovered. Numerous wonders of nature or inexplicable human creations prove that so many unexpected things have still yet to be seen. Get ready to be amazed, puzzled, or inspired by the pictures from our compilation.

1. “This is Heidi. Heidi has vitiligo.”

2. “2 moose performing a routine traffic stop.”

3. “These eggs were not dyed. Different breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs.”

4. “Big moth”

5. “I was riding my bike under a rainbow through a shower.”

6. “Crazy lace agates from Mexico. They each have clear windows through which you can see bubble-like formations.”

7. “A family friend’s dog with extra back toes”

8. “There’s a house in my attic.”

9. “Anisocoria is when your pupils are unequal, if suddenly developed, it can indicate serious conditions. I’m fine.”

10. “I have abnormally long arms, 5’9” with a 6’6″ wingspan."

11. “A single crystal of potassium ferrioxalate I grew for a month. I really like the color of this compound.”

12. “I encountered a geothermal anomaly. This rock was warm to the touch, it felt slightly warmer than my body temperature.”

13. “Saw a rainbow contrail near the Georgia/Florida border today.”

14. “My scar doesn’t get dirty when I’m at work.”

15. “This tiny lizard perfectly shedding looks like he’s wearing a tiny lizard space suit.”

16. “Entrance to a furniture store my dad and stepmom checked out today”

17. “Bamboo that grew up without the effect of tourists’ touch”

Preview photo credit Gallow**** / Reddit


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