Charlize Theron Is Criticized for Having Bad Plastic Surgery and Her Response Brilliantly Shuts Down the Rumors

9 months ago

Charlize Theron has recently come under scrutiny for alleged plastic surgery. However, rather than succumbing to the rumors swirling around her, Theron responded in an honest way and effectively shut down all the criticism.

Some think she had facelift.

In a recent interview, Theron confessed that many think she’s done some kind of plastic surgery. The star says, “People think I had a facelift. They’re like, ’What did she do to her face?’”

Her response is brilliant.

The actress’s came up with a solid comeback to these rumors. She said, “I’m like, ’I’m just aging! It doesn’t mean I got bad plastic surgery. This is just what happens.’”

She’s not scared of getting older.

The actress accepts everything that comes with age, especially the slowed metabolism. Charlize admits she’ll never gain weight for a role because it’s now hard to shed the kilos.

She recollects, “When I was 27, I did Monster. I lost 30 pounds, like, overnight. I missed 3 meals and was back to my normal weight. I did that at 43, and I remember a year into trying to lose the weight. My doctor was like, ’You’re over 40. Calm down. Your metabolism isn’t what it was.’”

She believes everyone should age however they like.

The actress believes that people should have the right to choose how they want to age. She says, “I’ve always had issues with the fact that men age like fine wines and women like cut flowers. I despise that concept, and I want to fight against it. I also think women want to age in a way that feels right to them. We need to be a little bit more empathetic to how we all go through our journey.”

Charlize is a talented actress who often makes the headlines. In this article, we reveal why Charlize may be raising her son Jackson as a girl — he loves wearing dresses and skirts. The actress revealed that her kid just doesn’t feel like a boy.

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