15 Pics That Show Fleeting Moments We Should Treasure

2 years ago

While we are busy with the little details and challenges that are thrown at us every day, we forget how precious life is and how fast it goes by. After all, each moment we’re living, big or small, won’t ever be repeated, and we need to savor it rather than take it for granted. So instead of constantly worrying our minds or exhausting our bodies, we need to take a deep breath every once in a while, look around us, and feed our soul with the beauty of life.

Bright Side believes that even the most seemingly meaningless moments need to be cherished, because there is nothing more genuine than the present. Here are some photos that will add an instant warm smile to your face.

1. ’’My son and I’’

2. ’’My newborn smiles when she farts.’’

3. ’’Calf just born this morning, taking it in to dry it off.’’

4. ’’The moment before I proposed to my girlfriend.’’

5. ’’He went quiet and I panicked, found him like this with my dog.’’

6. ’’My favorite photo from our wedding. Flower Nana!’’

7. ’’A young bird flew up to my friend, and I managed to get this photo before we let it go.’’

8. ’’I captured my son’s first smile on camera.’’

9. ’’My 96-year-old grandpa and 92-year-old grandma on their 75th wedding anniversary’’

10. ’’My nephew met a cicada for the first time today.’’

11. ’’Me and my newborn sister. Also my favorite picture of all time.’’

12. ’’An innocent newborn mantis tickling the tip of my pinkie’’

13. ’’The moment my niece met the baby.’’

14. ’’A baby crow fell down my chimney and for the moment we’re best friends.’’

15. ’’My 1-month-old son’s first time meeting his great-grandma.’’

What is one moment that you treasure above all else? How do you remind yourself that life is so precious?

Preview photo credit MicroAgg*eMe/Reddit


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