15+ Pics That Will Fill Your Moody Day With Warmth

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Staying away from bad vibes isn’t easy, but some people lend a hand by sharing uplifting photos online. Whether it’s a grandma’s joy meeting his great-grandkid or saving a bird, these stories and pics can make even the toughest person get emotional. Some photos hold deeper stories and special moments and even make us pause and pay attention for longer.

1. “My daughter was resting her head on my wife’s leg for awhile.”

2. “Found this little guy hiding in my daughter’s shirt.”

3. “This guy was terrified of me a week ago. We’re best friends now.”

4. “Freed a trapped bird at work today.”

5. “My mom and the dog she didn’t want.”

6. “The first selfie my grandpa took with his new phone.”

7. “So this is what I have to deal with now...”

8. The best nap doesn’t exis...

9. “My 90-year-old grandpa is sewing the holes my dog made in her favorite toy.”

10. “My dogs wouldn’t leave my mom’s side when she was sick. They were protecting the weakest member of their pack and making sure she stayed warm.”

11. “My grandmother meeting my son, her 40th great-grandchild.”

12. “You hide under the table, and I’ll give you all the veggies. I’ll pay you in belly rubs.”

13. «Grandma and her 18-year-old cat, making a birthday card for her great-great-grandchild.»

14. “Grandpa won 1st place in a Christmas costume party!”

15. “He brings me his favorite book, climbs on me, and then rests his hands on me whilst I read, sometimes he even strokes me with his thumb.”

16. “A grandpa got a cochlea implant tattoo to become like his grandson.”

17. «My mom meeting her dream kitten for the first time today!»

Animals are really affectionate and create special connections with the people they feel safe with. The love you give and receive from a pet is special, limitless, and can make anyone’s day better.

Preview photo credit MarshallBlathers / Reddit


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