15 playful christmas presents everyone in the family will love

7 months ago

How fun is it when the entire family, including kids and pets, gathers in the living room to enjoy some quality time together? Or maybe it’s a group of friends or co-workers that just want to spend some care-free moments. Whatever the case, we have collected 15 toys and games that will entertain you and your furry friends.

1. A singing rainbow poop toy perfect for kids aged 3+ years old. Even adults will join in and have fun playing with it. You just choose who will hide the toy first and then everyone else will try to find it based on the noises it makes. Get ready to laugh a lot while trying to locate it.

Once you flip the “on” switch on the back of Silly Poopy, the players pick one person to hide Silly Poopy. Once the hider finds a hiding spot for Silly Poopy, they press the Silly Poopy button and get ready to play hide and seek with some hysterical farting clues.

Promising review:

  • This game is silly and cute and my kids looooved it. I had to cut them off at 30 minutes, but they would have played way longer and can’t wait to play again! It’s a total parenting hack — great way for them to stay active yet quiet while I get things done around the house.
    Though we did have a cute dance party each time they found it! I texted several mom friends to recommend it since it was so great for us. Definitely recommend! @Amanda Schmitt

2. The elf on the shelf traditional toy that comes with a story book and the elf itself. You can place the elf anywhere you want in your home and maybe keep changing places for your kids to try and find it. The package comes even with an adoption certificate for the elf.

Tradition says that you place the elf somewhere in your home, and it keeps watching what you are doing. Every night it flies to the North Pole to let Santa know of your news and doings. Every morning it lands on different places to trick you.

Promising review:

  • Elf on the Shelf has become a cherished tradition in our home! The mischievous little elf adds a touch of magic and excitement to the holiday season. Each morning, our kids eagerly search for the elf’s new hiding spot, sparking joy and anticipation. The clever scenarios and tiny accessories provided make it a creative delight.
    This festive tradition not only brings smiles but also encourages good behavior in the most enchanting way. Elf on the Shelf has truly become a heartwarming and whimsical part of our family’s holiday celebrations! @Felipe

3. An interactive treat puzzle that will keep dogs focused and stimulated as they are trying to sniff out the treats. This is a perfect toy for highly energetic dogs, since it will reduce their anxiety and help them redirect their destructive behavior. The materials of this toy are 100% food safe.

The toy comes with 3 types of treat hiding compartments to test your furry friend’s skills. Flip lid compartments open and slide to reveal two separate treat hiding spots while removable brick bones conceal the third hidden compartments in this puzzle dog toy.

Promising review:

  • I have a very, very energetic and smart dog who needs lots of mental stimulation. He was recovering from an illness and in 120 degree heat we don’t have the greatest chances to go outside, thus a bored dog. I got him another doggy puzzle that work, but he figured out in a few seconds.
    This one is great! He loves it and gets excited when he sees me pull it out. It took him a bit to figure out at first, now he can do it in a minute or so. But it worked like a charm for a mental stimulation while recovering from illness. I recommend! @Sarah

4. A calculator cash register toy that includes 30 actual-sized pretend bills, 40 plastic coins and a pretend credit card. The cash register makes a cha-ching sound when the drawer opens. This will keep your kids entertained while help them learn a few basics regarding money and mathematics.

This toy is ideal for kids over the age of 3 and makes up for a perfect gift for every occasion imaginable. The cash register features oversized buttons and a big number display, making it appropriate for all ability levels. Also, it is solar-powered.

Promising review:

  • I bought this cash register to do a lemonade stand and replace the fake cash with real cash I really love it. I love the beeping sounds, and I like that it actually comes with money. A lot of people were saying that the money falls out when you open it, but it is not. Amazing product! @Zaya Page

5. The tell me without telling me card game that challenges adults to explain a word without actually mentioning that word. There are 3 ways to do so: show without telling, using one syllable and freestyle. The person who guesses the word right first, is the winner!

Whether you are at a college dorm, at a house party, office party or bachelorette celebration, this game will keep everyone on their toes. There are 400 cards, 1 custom dice and a sand timer included in the package. You just split into 2 teams and there is a time limit of 60 seconds for each card.

Promising review:

  • I recently had the pleasure of playing the “If You Know You Know” (IYKYK) question card game, and it was an absolute blast! This adult game is perfect for game nights, parties, or any gathering of friends where you want to have a good time and share some laughs.
    First off, the game is incredibly easy to learn and play. The concept is simple: players take turns drawing question cards and must answer them within a time limit. The questions range from thought-provoking to hilarious and everything in between. It’s a great way to get to know your friends better and spark interesting conversations.
    What sets IYKYK apart from other question card games is its clever and witty sense of humor. The questions are not your typical generic prompts; they are unique and often unexpected, leading to some truly memorable moments. The game also encourages creativity and quick thinking, as players try to come up with the most amusing or outrageous answers.
    The quality of the game is top-notch. The cards are durable and well-designed, and the box is compact and easy to store. The game can accommodate a large number of players, which makes it great for big gatherings. It also comes with a timer, which adds an element of excitement and keeps the game moving at a fast pace. @elizabeth

6. A turntable cat toy that features 6 colorful balls your cat won’t stop chasing with its paws. It stimulates your cat’s senses and hunting instincts and will keep them away from the furniture. It will also help your cat treat its boredom, since it can play on its own when you’re not at home.

The turntable has an anti-slip mat at the bottom to prevent it from falling over. This means that it’s sturdy enough for more than one cats to play with it at the same time. So not only cats will feel happy, but they will also bond while playing.

Promising review:

  • My cat loves her new toy and is keeping mom up all night playing with it, but I can’t seem to take it away from her. It’s quite cheap plastic, for 10 bucks you’re not going to get much, but what you do get it 6 balls, I wish It came with more (and less noisy ones lol) but she loves it super easy to put together. I like it, she loves it. That’s all that matters to me. @Kathlene Krueger

7. A shape-shifting box that can transform into 70 different shapes. It comes in many different colors and patterns, and you will never get bored playing with it. It fits easily in your palm, and it challenges and stimulates your mind for hours on end. With every design you complete, the ’click’ sound will make you super happy.

The box is made of premium injection-mold plastic, 36 rare earth magnets, and a tear-proof, matte or high-gloss surface. You can connect multiple magnetic cubes to build even larger structures and sculptures. You can collect all 9 designs to create vibrantly patterned 3d art!

Promising review:

  • I have a ton of physical puzzles like Puzzling Obscurities and Rubik’s Cubes. This puzzle serves as a very easy and laid back coffee table like puzzle. Very easy to solve and make shapes, magnetics are so tactile and pleasing to the touch, and makes for a very passive puzzle experience. The cube is plastic shapes held together with decorative strong stickers. The magnets are there to hold shapes and combine more than one cube together.
    The instructions say if it doesn’t feel right it isn’t right when shaping the Shashibo. Here the fact about the Shashibo’s different shapes, there are just very few and the rest in between are just floppy in between messes less satisfying or useable. I put it at a level 6/10 for difficulty.
    Shashibo has 4 separately decorated side that will always face a particular direction in different configurations. Basically, if the cube is red as the smallest cube configurations and also has yellow, blue and green; well, the cube will always be red in that configurations and cannot simply be twisted around and closed back up with a different color. The different configurations will always have the same decorative sides in their exact same place. @Raab Baudelaire

8. A crawling crab that is ideal for infants that are at that stage. The toy moves fast and in the same way as a real crab, plays fun sounds and lights up. Its sensors help it change direction when it goes near an obstacle. It will motivate kiddos who do not want to lift their heads during tummy time.

Kids between the ages of 6–12 months will enjoy it immensely and will keep trying to catch the crab. But they might never succeed due to the obstacle sensors of the crab. It is just the perfect size to fit in your Christmas stocking and serve as the perfect gift.

Promising review:

  • This was a gift for my 12-month-old son at first, and he was hesitant due to its quick movements and loud noise. However, after a few days, it quickly became his favorite toy. The music is quite loud, and you are not able to change the level, but you can learn to tune it out eventually. The crab moves back and forth on its own based on its surroundings, so it doesn’t get stuck unless a claw gets broken off.
    My child enjoyed letting it run off a table and this caused the claw to break off after a few runs. As long as it stays on the ground, it is a fun toy for toddlers to enjoy. I bought replacements twice because he loved it so much, but he kept making it run off tables once he learned it and that will likely never change, so I recommend not letting the toddlers get into that habit, or you will constantly buy new ones. The endless amount of fun they get though is kind of worth the price. @Amanda M. Howell

9. An outward squirrel plush toy that comes in different sizes based on how big your dog is. You just fill the holes of the toy with the 6 provided squeaky squirrels and let your dog play with them for hours. Their natural hunting instincts will be activated, and they won’t stop playing with it.

You can also toss the squirrel-filled trunk, place it on the ground, or take the squeaky plush toys out and launch them for a game of fetch your dog is sure to love. The stuffed plush texture is easy on the teeth making it a great choice for both puppies and adult dogs.

Promising review:

  • My 4-month-old English Mastiff puppy is OBSESSED with this toy. We refill it at least twice a day and even add extra small toys to really fill it up. He never gets tired of it, and it gives him something to dig at and tear apart other than the couch or my garden. The squirrels are small but safe for bigger dog sizes.
    He brings it outside, so I wash and dry it about once a week. It shows no wear and tear, even with frequent washes and bites, tuggs, and digging from our puppy. And having the squirrels available to buy separately is so smart! They’re holding up fine and don’t come apart, they’re just easy to lose when your dog takes one with him everywhere he goes! @Ms. M

10. A cutting fruit set that is made entirely of wood and will be adored by kids aged 3+. The 17-piece play-food set comes with a wooden knife. There is also a wooden crate where you can store all the fruits. Each fruit has velcro tape that can be ’cut’ with the knife and then assembled back together.

Thanks to the self-stick tabs, every time you cut a slice, you hear a ’crack’ noise that makes this activity super realistic. The whole game helps teach children the concepts of part and whole for early math-development skills.

Promising review:

  • My kids’ school has this, and I decided to try it at home as well. It’s a great set to introduce kids to cutting foods. The set is well-made and pretty durable so far. It comes with a banana, a slice of cantaloupe, a kiwi, a strawberry, an orange, a lemon, and a pear. The pieces velcro together and then the knife is used to “cut” them apart. I really like that the melon and banana have the rough sides of the velcro on the middle part, so either end of the fruit can go on either side of the middle piece and not frustrate the child.
    When I set this up for my kids, I like to place the knife in the cutting position on the melon or the banana; then they usually figure out how to do the same on the other fruits. My only complaint is that the velcro on the kiwi we received is a little too recessed, and we have a hard time getting it to stay closed. It’s not enough of a problem to even knock off a star, but just something I wanted to mention. I still highly recommend this set. @Wren

11. A flying orb ball toy that will amaze not only kids but also adults. It zooms straight through the air, performs cool boomerang flights, hovers magically on your hand, and executes mind-blowing 90° turning flying. The ball is very durable and resistant to falls.

It takes 20 minutes to charge it, and it will operate for about 8–10 minutes straight. You can charge it anyway you want, including wirelessly or through a power adapter. You don’t have to worry about your kids damaging your furniture, since it will turn off if it hits any obstacle.

Promising review:

  • The sphere is responsive to hand movement, although a bit slow to react to a change in hand position. This thing moves fast, so you have to anticipate the direction it’s going to be flying in.
    It almost seems like it’s best to just use it to play catch with another person. My six-year-old grandson became frustrated pretty quickly. It’s fine, if you have the patience of a Zen master. @Voracious Reader.

12. A pet snuffle feeding mat that allows you to hide treats inside for pets to sniff out. It promotes a healthier life, since your pet will spend more time to find and eat its food instead of diving into it. It will also train its smell and spend a lot of its energy, keeping it engaged and motivated.

The bottom is a non-slip cloth that effectively holds the mat and prevents the dog from moving the mat. The design is small and can be shrunk into a small storage bag. It can also be hung or set aside when not in use. It can also be folded into a bowl.

Promising review:

  • Engages doggo skills as I hide kibble under the felt pieces of “grass.” It challenges his nose and makes eating more interesting. Takes him longer to eat, which means less chance of bloating (which can lead to fatal GDV). It has a drawstring and collapses for travel. I put it in a mesh bag and wash on delicate, in cold water, w/other colors—comes out looking like new.
    This one’s a gift for a new puppy; my dog has used his for 4 years. The trainer at “puppy kindergarten” recommended it. @GroverCat

13. A karaoke microphone for kids that comes in a variety of bright colors. You can play and record songs using any app from your phone. The microphone has built-in audio and sound effect that makes you enjoy listening and singing. It also creates an amazing live-sound environment and echo reverberation.

The microphone features a professional audio processor and tuning system and also three layers of high destiny noise reduction. It is made of durable aluminum alloy material to withstand falls and crashes. It is also certified to meet CPC toy safety standards.

Promising review:

  • I recently purchased the Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Machine as a gift for my 10-year-old daughter, and it turned out to be an absolute hit! This is a fantastic present for kids aged 6-15, and it’s sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment. Firstly, the rose gold color and sleek design make it visually appealing. It’s not just a toy; it’s a stylish accessory that kids will love to show off to their friends.
    The Bluetooth connectivity is a game-changer. It’s incredibly easy to pair with a smartphone or tablet, allowing kids to sing along to their favorite songs from streaming platforms. The sound quality is surprisingly good, and the adjustable volume ensures it’s suitable for different settings. The karaoke machine also comes with LED lights that add a party vibe to any performance. Kids love the flashy lights, and it makes karaoke even more exciting.
    As a parent, I appreciate that it’s not just about singing — it can also serve as a portable speaker for music playback. The rechargeable battery is a plus, ensuring it’s always ready for action. Overall, the Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Machine is a versatile and enjoyable gift for kids. It encourages creativity, social interaction, and lots of laughter. I highly recommend it as a present for any child aged 6-15, and it’s available in a stylish rose gold color that’s sure to be a hit. @Hunter bottoms

14. A balance bicycle fitting for babies aged between 12–24 months. It comes in a variety of colors and is a perfect tool to help a kid practice their balance. By developing their balance, steering and coordination, they gain confidence at an early age. There is a 135o turning limit to prevent the baby from turning over.

The mini balance bike is equipped with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, non-slip TPU handle, and a softly supportive seat. Its wheels are non-slip and wear-resistant. This means that your kid can ride indoors and outdoors without the fear of destroying your floors.

Promising review:

  • We got this bike for our 2-year-old for his birthday. At first, he wasn’t sure about it, but once we helped him learn what to do, he flies all around the house on it. It’s the first thing he plays with when he gets up, when he gets home and before bed. It is well-made and very light. My son picks it up with ease.
    Perfect for a 2-year-old or younger. I would highly recommend this balance bike. Note: it is small, I would not recommend it for a 3-year-old or older. @Rutter

15. A flopping fish toy ideal for cats and even for dogs. Every time your cat touches the fish, the motion sensor is activated, and the toy starts to flop around, triggering your cat to play with it. It is the perfect toy to keep your cat engaged and not bored while you’re away from home.

The creators increased the battery capacity to 350 mAh so that each charge lasts longer. And they also improved the joint part of the mechanism to extend the lifetime of the small animal toy. The toy is made of soft durable plush for your kitten to chew and wrestle. An extra catnip pouch is included in the package.

Promising review:

  • I got this because my oldest kitten likes to grab and kick toys. He loves this fish! It’s become one of his favorite toys. The youngest was afraid of it at first, but you can see him swatting at it later on in the day.
    When I received it the charging cord and the catnip were inside the fish. I removed the catnip since my kitties are still too young for it. I then plugged it in to charge. Solid red light for charging which will go out when it’s fully charged, and the fish lasted 3 days before I need to charge it. I almost needed to hide it while charging because they wanted it right away!
    I also noticed there was a lovely note from the store owner where I was able to contact them and receive an extra fish cover from when my kitties eventually rip through the first one. I saw people complaining about thin padding etc, but the fish wouldn’t be able to move as well as it does if it was thicker or more padded. It’s a $10 motorized cat toy it’s a really good deal. @Emma Bartley

Everyone loves toys and playing, even if we are talking about adults. Kids and pets might have a bit more fun with games, but the whole family can have a wonderful time while playing. And remember that most adults turn into kids when they get into playing mode.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.


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