10 of the Best Dog Toys on Amazon in 2022

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For our dogs, toys are more of a necessity than just something to play with. This is because they help dogs feel stimulated, which means fulfilling their emotional and physical needs. But just like us, they have their own preferences, and it’s important to find a toy they’ll truly like.

That’s why we at Bright Side have a list of Amazon toys that can help you choose the kind your dog needs most.

1. A cool dumbell dog toy that is great for medium and large dogs

Buy the dumbbell-style toy on Amazon here.

Tough rubber

This toy will last longer, no matter how rough your dog plays with it. Plus, you’ll be able to hide treats to make playtime even more productive.

Promising review:

  • Super toy — this toy is certainly robust! My Staffie has played with it every day since I purchased it, and it shows very little signs of wear! Bearing in mind that my dog is a Staffie, known to have extremely strong jaws, this toy seems unchewable! It’s his favorite toy, and he loves to show it off to friends and family.
    The shape is perfect for carrying in his mouth, which he does quite a lot of the time. This is by far the best chew toy I have bought for my dog, and although he does occasionally play with his other toys, this is his favorite. I’m certain he would be very unhappy if it went missing at any time. I can wholeheartedly recommend this toy. A great product and at an excellent price. If my dog is happy, then so am I. — Ms Jolly

2. A soccer ball for dogs that can make playing fetch and tug a lot more fun and proactive.

Buy the soccer ball toy on Amazon here.

For all dogs

This ball is suitable for any type of play, even in the pool. It’s durable, and you can use it to play many different games with your dog. It will keep them interested longer than usual toys do.

Promising review:

  • One of the best dog toys I’ve ever bought — my dogs absolutely love this ball. It’s very robust and has stood up to 2 energetic Border Collies chewing it and pouncing on it. All of the little handles make it great as a tug toy for both of them to play together. I’m so impressed that I bought another one, but so far I haven’t needed to blow it up because the first one is still in great shape. — Dawn

3. An octopus toy that will keep your dog active for hours.

Buy the squeaky octopus on Amazon here.

With crinkle paper

Unlike stuffed animals, this octopus toy is tough, and even if your dog manages to tear it apart, it won’t be chewing into the stuffing. The head has a squeaker in it, which will catch your dog’s attention fast and keep them entertained for longer.

Promising review:

  • My dog loves it, worth the money — my 3-year-old French bulldog can not get enough of this toy. She’s been inseparable from it since I got it for her. She’s quite a chewer too, and it seems to be holding up pretty well. It has no stuffing in it, which is really nice. At least if it does end up ripping, I know my dog won’t choke on anything. If she does end up chewing through it at some point, I’ll probably order another one as it’s worth the money, since she loves it that much. — sandra

4. A durable ball for dogs who are very active and want to chew

Buy the chew toy on Amazon here.

Food dispenser

Whether you want to play with your dog indoors or outdoors, or even in water, this ball will stimulate your dog physically and mentally. Plus, playtime will become even more fun once you add treats inside the toy.

Promising reviews:

  • My puppy loves it — my German Shepherd puppy loves this toy. It keeps her occupied for a while, and even when she’s managed to get all the treats out, she enjoys running around and playing with it. Very durable so far. — Hannah Felton
  • Great for hyperactive puppies — brilliant toy. My puppy plays for hours with this. — Georgina Coles

5. A super durable dog toy that’s even great for teething

Buy the cactus toy on Amazon here.

Easy to hold

When looking for toys, the shape should also matter. For example, this cactus toy will make it easier for your dog to chew on. Plus, the design is great for puppies who are teething, taking their attention away from your shoes and other household items.

Promising reviews:

  • Definitely his favorite — this is the first chew toy we have come across that is so strong and durable. It’s made of very thick material and has a great squeaker! Also, it’s great with peanut butter, he loves it! — Rex Toes
  • Amazingly tough chew toy — well, having a beagle isn’t easy, as his number one thing to do is destroy things! As soon as this toy arrived, I could feel it would stand the test of time. He loves it. The squeaker, which confuses him for a second, makes playtime even more fun. All in all, a very good product! — Amazon Customer

6. A simple ball for playing fetch with your dog

Buy the ball on Amazon here.

Medium size

Sometimes, simple things are the best, and the same goes for this ball. Even though the toy is empty inside, the rubber is so tough that your dog won’t be able to destroy it very easily.

Promising review:

  • My Tyson’s favorite toy! These are just brilliant! I was slightly skeptical at first, if I’m totally honest, about them being hollow, but that really isn’t an issue at all, as they must be super strong! And I have a Staffy! He absolutely loves destroying balls and goes through tennis balls in a few seconds, so I had to resort to the solid rubber balls and take them away from him at the end of each walk. He still manages to gnaw off chunks of them, and luckily spits them out instead of swallowing them.
    So, after Chuck It Ultra Balls were recommended to me, I decided to give them a go as a birthday present for my Tyson. He loves them and sits chewing on them for ages, squishing them in his mouth constantly! They are made from strong, natural, durable rubber, and in the case of my dog, I would highly recommend them as being Staffy proof. I’m very happy with these. — Tina

7. A fun toy that will help you train your dog

Buy the training toy on Amazon here.

Easy to press buttons

Taking care of a pup or a grown-up dog means training them so that they can not only listen to you, but also “tell you” about their needs. These interactive training buttons will help you train your dog faster while having some fun at the same time.

Promising review:

  • Works brilliantly — it only took 7 minutes for our puppy to learn to press the button for a treat (a bit longer for our older dog). While a nice trick, it’s not practical for the puppy to have access to the button all day long, as she would quite happily keep pressing it for treats.
    It was good to teach the phrase “press the button,” which laid the foundation for using the buttons for other tricks and tasks. — Mike

8. A plush toy that honks and squeaks to motivate your dog to stay active

Buy the duck toy on Amazon here.

Colorful duck

This plush toy will become your dog’s best friend. Because it has a very intimidating squeak, your pet will love to play with it and always keep it by its side.

Promising review:

  • It’s my retired Greyhound’s best friend. I adopted my boy less than a week ago, and he had never had toys before, and out of all of the toys I bought him, he was only interested in the duck! I think because it looks like prey that Percy likes playing with him. I would recommend it for other retired greyhounds who may not be used to toys! — Amyfrances

9. A durable ramen dog toy that’s great for hiding treats

Buy the ramen toy on Amazon here.

Our pick

This is one really interesting toy idea, not only because it represents a really tasty dish, but also because it will mentally and physically stimulate your pet. You can also put some treats in the little pockets that are connected with the noodles, making playtime even more proactive.

Promising review:

  • It keeps my dog busy. It’s a brilliant toy, very creative design. My dog loves playing “find it,” and when it comes to toys, she generally only likes those that are soft and squeaky. This one doesn’t actually squeak but crinkles, yet she loves it!
    It took her a while to get it open the first time (simple, yet very clever velcro closure that sticks to the red soft material), but now she has mastered it. She tears out the innards, looking for the hidden treasure! She’s bright and fussy and not a lot holds her interest, but this toy is a hit.
    My dog needs more of a challenge, so the noodle cup suits her better. So far, it’s held up perfectly to foraging and light tug and fetch games without damage. My dog is small and a fairly gentle chewer, though. — Amazon Customer

10. Puppy plush toys to keep your dog interested longer (10 pieces)

Buy one of the sets on Amazon here.

High-quality plush

It seems like it’s never enough when it comes to dog toys, especially if your dog enjoys them or tears them apart fast. This set of plush toys will be a game-changer because you’ll get so many toys for an amazing price. The plushies are great for small and medium-sized dogs.

Promising review:

  • Puppy proof! My new puppy was chewing everything he could get his teeth into. I took a risk and purchased these for him. They have been excellent. They are small but have lasted for ages and are chewed daily. I thought for the price they would only last a short while, but no, he loves them and chews them all the time. I have to add that my dog is small-medium in size.
    Money well spent, and I have spent some on various toys. I often stuff one of these into a Ho-Lee roller dog ball, and it keeps him busy for ages. — JB Sussex

What breed of dog do you have? We love animals, and they make our days happier, so please share pics of your dogs with us.

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