15 Product Reviews That Made Us Roll With Laughter

2 years ago

Many of us have written a review on a product, service, or venue at least once in our lives. However, some people just list the main facts in their review, while others manage to tell a whole story in just a few sentences.

At Bright Side, we had a lot of fun reading Internet users’ reviews, many of which can be retold like a joke.

Professionals know their worth.

When the quality of an item doesn’t really matter

When it’s out of your league

Perhaps the best review on earphones

It seems she wants all these super comfy leggings for herself.

Not all teas are equally healthy.

That’s just, wow!

One man’s loss is another man’s gain.

Do you really need a blender after that?

When a cat is the master of the house

When your life wasn’t as interesting as you wanted it to be

When you make a small mistake

They know how to approach a customer.

A client comes to a restaurant not for the sake of food but for the sake of ambiance.

When you buy shoes “to grow into”

Do you write reviews? Are they mostly positive or negative? Tell us in the comments below.

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l really don't think most people know how to write a review bc a Lot of the time even lf alone l end up just looking a the reviews saying: Really? No Really?..lol


It's amazing to me how many reviews I read where they are mad because the box is damaged, or the driver was rude, or some such, but they review the product badly


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