15+ Properties for Sale That Hide More Surprises Than There Are Stars in the Sky

3 years ago

When purchasing or renting real estate, be prepared for the fact that you’ll probably only learn about some of the features of your home after moving in. Interesting finds can be found anywhere — in an abandoned basement, in a dusty attic, and even behind an old power socket. Some of them may shock you, while others may just surprise you, and some of them might create a moment of nostalgia.

Bright Side has stumbled upon people online who, in addition to a new home, got some very unusual things. And at the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus — a photograph that will make you want to get a cozy nest at any cost.

“My friend found a mansion on a real estate website that has a whole fake city in the basement.”

How do you like the idea of sitting on the toilet and just watching the clothes spin in the washing machine?

Nothing special, just a cat who rents out his apartment.

“A house my girlfriend and I looked at had a shower in the living room.”

“A friend bought a new house in 2017. When a cable technician went down the basement, they found this shrine to Nicholas Cage.”

“My grandmother is trying to sell her house in Florida. Here’s what the photos look like.”

Your home is well-protected by the latest generation of video surveillance.

“My wife and I bought a house. After a while, she noticed a hatch in the floor, and we found THIS. No wonder the box was so heavy.”

“I just stumbled upon this while looking at ads for houses that I could never afford: a realtor dresses up as Bigfoot for his photographs.”

“I rented an apartment for a short time. I didn’t notice this right away.”

“My apartment building has a World War II air-raid shelter in the basement.”

“I bought an apartment recently and just met my neighbors.”

“We found a safe behind a fake power socket in our new house.”

“Just moved into a new house. I got to meet the neighbor dogs on my afternoon walk.”

“I moved into a new apartment more than a year ago. Since then, this spawn of hell has been staring at me. Evil lives there and looks at me while I wash the dishes.”

“Today, I moved into a new apartment. While I was unpacking my things, I noticed that something was lying on the floor in the corner. The keys are for comparison.”

“My friend just bought a new house. The old owners must have been geniuses.”

“I’ve just moved into a new apartment with... interesting neighbors.”

Bonus: Having your own home is amazing and it doesn’t matter whether it hides a surprise or not.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Have you ever found anything unusual in your new home?

Preview photo credit AlliumVineale / reddit


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I really need this toilet table thing! Oh my god I think im gonna make one myself!


Am i the only one who didnt see anything surprising in the bonus picture? If not where is it?


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