15 Rare Coincidences That Can Only Happen Once in a Lifetime

3 years ago

Sometimes we face coincidences so rare that they seem impossible. We can call it a glitch in the Matrix that brings 2 identical people to one place, or destiny that puts 2 identical birthmarks on the fingers of 2 people in love. Either way, these coincidences are akin to a miracle.

We at Bright Side created a list of people who were lucky enough to witness coincidences that are likely to happen only once.

1. “My boyfriend and I have the same birthmark on the same finger in the same location.”

2. “This bird flew in and landed on this!”

3. A Dorito chip that looks exactly like the one on the package

4. “Who wore it better?”

5. “The way the lines match up”

6. “My plate fell and broke into 2 exact pieces.”

7. “Wasps made a nest in an anti-wasp spray bottle.”

8. “Found a glitch while scrolling through pictures of cats on Facebook.”

9. “Double vision”

10. “None of these people on the bus knew each other.”

11. “Same model, different textures”

12. “Saw a glitch in the Matrix in Central London.”

13. “Co-workers hit the candy bowl at the same time.”

14. “One found by my wife, the other by me, 8 minutes apart on a beach at Lake Superior”

15. Ice formed the exact same pattern, creating a double fence.

Have you ever witnessed any unusual coincidences? Maybe you managed to capture it on camera! Share your stories and pictures in the comment section below.

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me and my gf have a scar on the same place - on our right brows 😄


My husband and I have the same birthmark on our butts. Totally blew our minds when we noticed and anyone we've told.


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