16 Rare Photos That’ll Have You Googling “What in the World?”

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Sometimes, we come across strange things in ordinary spots, like at home. People couldn’t resist snapping pics and sharing them online when they saw lightning in a mirror or a bread scarecrow. Take a look and see what you think.

1. “Didn’t expect a tortoise to bust through my fence today.”

2. “Coffee served in a cup made of waffle that you then eat afterwards (Netherlands).”

3. “My flu shot band-aid matched my skin so well, I forgot to take it for 5 days.”

4. “Can’t use the bathroom without a credit/debit card at Munich Central train station.”

5. “My fan from 1934 still being used every day.”

6. “An egged car on my block.”

7. “My hand got a really bad cramp today.”

8. “This avocado my mom cut open has a very small pit.”

9. “My pumpkin from October 2023 has not rotted as of late May 2024.”

10. “A specific area on my hand is hair repellent.”

11. “This soft pretzel I forgot to put in the baking soda bath.”

12. “100% all-purpose flour vs 100% whole wheat flour (1/2 and 1/2 in the middle). Same recipe, same process.”

13. “My sun glasses allow me to see some otherwise invisible pattern on these car windows.”

14. “German hospital lunch today.”

15. “A message tied to a fallen balloon in the grass.”

The message reads: “Brandon, We all miss you! We celebrated you today, you would be so happy. Love you, Mom.”

One person reacted: “Wow that’s heartbreaking,” another one said: “It’s a poignant reminder of how deeply people miss their loved ones.”

16. “Hotel shower. I’m only 5’7”"

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Preview photo credit FlyingN00dles / Reddit


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