15+ Reddit Users Share the Drama Going on Between Their Pets, and It’s Hilarious

3 years ago

If you have 2 or more pets, you will probably agree that watching how they interact with each other can be just as exciting as watching a TV show. Sometimes they are comedies, and sometimes they are dramas, but they’re always so captivating, you can’t wait for another episode. Cats, dogs, hamsters, and even mini-mules — anyone can become the hero of a pet story that makes you laugh and cry.

We at Bright Side found this Reddit thread with hilarious stories of friendship and fights between pets, and we hope the posts that we selected can give you a good reason to take a short break and laugh.

1. “He stole his little brother’s bed and gave me some serious side eye when I told him to move.”


My 2 dogs like the same bed so they will fight over it until the end result is that they just both sleep on it (while the other bed just goes unused — I don’t see the difference between the 2, they are both super soft?!). @LaurieS1/Reddit


My hamster waits until my dogs are asleep and then runs on her wheel, which wakes them up, and then she stops until they fall asleep again.

The mini-mules keep fighting over who gets to lay on the soft spot next to the gate.

One cat has been sleeping in another’s favorite spot and she gets so offended that her spot is taken that she sits there and glares, while waiting for the other cat to move. @am097/Reddit

4. A classic cat fight over a comfy window seat


Dog 1 is trying to trick dog 2 into following her into the garden so that dog 1 can then storm back indoors to take dog 2’s bone she is enjoying. Dog 3 is sitting inside on the couch quietly waiting for this to happen, to be the actual winner of this scheme. @I_wish_to_reform/Reddit


I have 2 cats. I opened the window for the first time this year since the weather is finally nice. They have been pushing each other out of the way for the best spot to smell the air. @llamas1355/Reddit

7. “We recently adopted a 10-week-old kitten, and I was worried about how our older cat would react to the newcomer. Whack-A-Cat has become her new favorite game apparently.”


I have a cat, a puppy, and a dog. Cat likes to lure the puppy under the bed, and he can get under but gets stuck in the middle where it’s the lowest. I have to rescue him (usually around 2 a.m. and he wakes me up by scratching the floor trying to get out). Cat also likes to knock things off from the counter that he knows puppy should not be chewing on. Puppy and cat like to wrestle with each other. But dog doesn’t like the ruckus and barks at them to stop. Cat doesn’t like the barking so then he chases dog. Puppy follows cat and there’s a train of 3 Tom and Jerry style through the house. At the end of the day though they are always in a big cuddle pile, so I think they’ll be okay. @Banzewrld/Reddit

9. “Not only did they bring in a stick they’re not allowed to chew, they refused to share it with Coco.”


The dog doesn’t like when the cat gives him dirty looks. The cat knows this, will deliberately stare him down, and then expertly leap out of the way when he goes to chase her. @zerbey/Reddit


We got a puppy 2 weeks ago. Our elderly cat is furious when we do dog training sessions because he thinks he deserves the treats instead. We end up doing joint training sessions and the cat is actually much more consistent than the puppy. @Dr_Julian_Helisent/Reddit

12. The thing the red cat did to deserve this sort of punishment must have been really terrible.


The dachshund will not stop invading the beagle’s personal space (crate) to suck on her ears. The beagle has had it and wants it to stop. 2 things though:

1. Beagles have a really hard time being stern and intimidating.

2. Dachshunds are not easily intimidated.

So this morning we had 40 minutes of beagle “growling” (not very convincing sounding) and dachshund “sass” (barking back) ending up, as usual, with an annoyed beagle with soggy ears.

It’s hopeless. @feliciates/Reddit


We have 2 small dogs. One is a Boston Terrier (4), and the other is a chihuahua mix (8). [...] The big drama between them is “treat stealing.” I built a small bed for them underneath one of my rolling tool carts in the garage, and they just lay under there chewing on rawhide treats while I am working on cars. The chihuahua steals the Boston’s treat when I’m not looking, and sometimes he even goes and hides it somewhere. Then, the Boston comes over and whines to me until I go find it. This is constant. @A_Garbage_Account/Reddit

15. “I was trying to take a picture of them cuddling...”


We have 2 dogs, a very large all black German Shepherd, and a recently adopted miniature dachshund. At first they were getting along fine, but now the German Shepherd literally follows the little dachshund around everywhere he goes! They’re literally inseparable now and it’s kind of adorable. The only real drama that’s come from this is that now both dogs fight for attention whenever the other seems to get some. Below is a picture of them in case y’all wanted to see them. @manhowl/Reddit

Do your pets get along well, or is there any drama going on between them? Share your funny pet stories in the comments!

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