15+ Secret Spots That Can Hide Anything, Even From the Cleverest Thief

3 years ago

For many people, privacy is very important, let alone keeping valuable belongings and memories safe from wandering eyes. This can lead them to create hiding spots at home that, in addition to adding a little mystery to their lives, can literally be a door to the unknown. Clearly, not even the most experienced thief would think about looking for belongings in these places.

Bright Side made a compilation of some of the best solutions Reddit users found to hide their most precious and secret belongings.

1. “DIY hidden storage book box/router cover”

2. “A nightstand with a nice little secret”

3. “This bench in my basement that conceals a boulder.”

4. “This porta-potty that opens into an actual restroom”

5. “My dad and I made this quadruple secret compartment dice set. Too bad we couldn’t have painted it black and white.”

6. “My parents’ en-suite!”

7. “Hmm...”

8. “A regular wall socket behind a miniature door in a regular apartment”

9. “My kitchen floor has a built-in cooler.”

10. “In an 1860s farmhouse, this little thing leads to a crawl space in the basement.”

11. “I made a book stand with a small hidden compartment.”

12. “A little door hidden behind a painting”

13. “A hidden puzzle table”

14. “Spice rack + basement door = hidden door”

15. “I made these storage drawers that hide under the stairs.”

16. “Made a hidden recessed cabinet behind our existing mirror.”

Have you ever created a secret hiding place with your bare hands? What do you think should be its main feature to make it the perfect hiding spot?


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