15 Situations That Made People Feel Deeply Puzzled

2 years ago

Some things mess with our brain so much they do a perfect job of spicing up our day. Once we see something like this, our mind enhances all of our senses and abilities, trying to figure out what it is we’re looking at. We do double-takes, blink frantically, and rub our eyes in disbelief. Yet, it becomes super-satisfying to finally wrap your head around it.

Bright Side found 15 photos that will give your brain a mini-workout.

1. “My dog hit me in the face. Yes, that is an imprint of my eyeball.”

2. “Cat shelf”

3. “Up or going straight into a flat tunnel?”

4. “My dog has 7 legs.”

5. “My mug is sweating tea through the cracks in the ceramic.”

6. “Walked downstairs and did a double take.”

7. “Tiny truck”

8. “I didn’t think I’d actually lose in a hide a seek game with my nephew. Told him to pose for a pic.”

9. “Some deterioration on a wall in Dublin looks like a parakeet.”

10. “My brother’s very long arm.”

11. “The kittens I’m adopting look like a 2-headed cat.”

12. “This box is judging me.”

13. “OH NO!”

14. “I noticed a piece of broccoli on my plate and thought it looked like an opossum face.”

15. “This sad banana I cut”

What was the last thing that puzzled you? How long did it take you to solve the “riddle”?

Preview photo credit NOCHNOY_ / Reddit


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