15+ Situations That Only Cat Owners Can Truly Understand

2 years ago

No science has yet explained why cats suddenly start acting like they’ve gone crazy. Still, cat owners all over the world keep living on the edge, being endlessly entertained by their weirdo furry friends who think they’re the kings of the world.

Here at Bright Side we love cats, but we’ll never get bored making a little fun of them. We’ve found new pieces of evidence proving that life with a cat is (mostly) a truly fun adventure.

1. “It’s illegal to move as long as there’s a cat resting on you”.

2. “This cannot be comfortable.”

3. Cats can see the world from a totally different angle.

4. “Gave my boy catnip for the first time last night. He ended up passed out in a Taco Bell bag. Couldn’t be more proud.”

5. “Ulthar has started to lick the walls, no idea why...”

6. This is not just a fridge photo.

7. “These are my dogs’ bowls, but my cat prefers to drink water from anywhere but her own bowl.”

8. “He meows really loud and then he goes and hides here for 20 minutes. He thinks he’s hidden.”

9. “One of my oranges doesn’t look quite right.”

10. “This is Chloe’s subtle reminder that she hasn’t been fed yet.”

11. “Found where my wife’s 47 hair ties went... Under the stove. Thanks Max.”

12. “My cat is always trying to get behind our blinds... He finally got behind them.”

13. “He did a bunch of catnip, saw himself in the mirror, and had a self-realization that he, indeed, is a cat.”

14. “I’m installing screen doors for the warmer weather and my cat thinks I moved the door.”

15. Time for a sudden bite!

16. You can only imagine what this cat’s owner has been through.

17. This cat knows what he wants.

We are sure that you have your own stories about how your cats were acting weird. Share them in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit l3xadecimal / reddit


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